Get Your Cat in Their Carrier by Wrapping Them Into a "Kitty Burrito"

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Your cat knows what’s up. Even if she don’t run and censor during a steer of her carrier, there’s no approach she’s going into that thing though a fight. But a quarrel stresses her out and can leave we undone and scratched up—not to discuss late for a vet. Enter a pool burrito.

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Basically, we need to curb your cat’s limbs, both to strengthen yourself from nails and to stop her from grabbing reason of a outward of a carrier. (How is such a tiny animal so strong??) Being wrapped adult can also assistance ease your cat, like swaddling a baby or putting an concerned dog into a Thundershirt. It’s simple:

  1. Lay a towel down on a prosaic surface. (A cot or list might be easier than a floor.)
  2. Set a conduit nearby, vertically, with a opening confronting up. (I like to prop it in a dilemma of my couch.)
  3. Get your cat. (Okay, this can be tricky. Try coaxing her with treats or food, though infrequently we have to kindly get her by a scruff of her neck. Just do your best not to panic her.)
  4. Set your cat on a towel, with her face by a tip edge.
  5. Gently hang a towel around your cat, creation her a stuffing of a burrito. Tuck a bottom around her legs (so nothing of a stuffing leaks out).
  6. Slip a whole burrito into a cat carrier. Once we tighten a carrier, your cat should have adequate room to asian herself properly. You can leave a towel in, though if it’s gotten tangled or is in a uncanny spot, lift it out before we close a door.
  7. If your cat’s adult for it, offer her a provide by a doorway of a carrier, as a prerogative and a assent offering.

Kitty burritos can also work for balmy and confining your cat while we shave her nails or give her medicine, and they assistance untamed or frightened cats acclimate to tellurian contact. And guac isn’t even extra.


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