Get a Load of These Unexpected Uses for Teabags

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Sure, that box of Lipton can be good when we wish a crater of tea in a morning, though those bags can indeed be good for a whole lot some-more than drinking. From relieving pain to cleaning furniture, here are a few astonishing uses for those tea bags in your cabinet.

Freshen Your Fridge

Has your fridge started to get a tiny scent on it? Take your used bags from your morning tea and place them in a crater or play inside for a few days. The bags will catch a orders and get your fridge smelling uninformed and purify again.

Freshen Your Trash

The fridge pretence also works for your rabble can. Make certain a bags are dry before we dump them in a bottom of a can, or they’ll start to mold and turn partial of a problem rather than a solution.

Marinade Meats

You’ve listened of marinating beef in drink and wine, right? You can also do a same with tea.

Flavor Rice

In further to cooking meats, tea bags can also be used to season rice. While you’re scheming rice, hang a bag inside a pot so it comingles with a water. The outcome will be easily flavored rice that is oh so good. we suggest orange freshness for this one, though roughly any form of flavored tea will do.

Relieve Tooth Pain

When a chipped tooth of cave became putrescent final summer on vacation, we managed to make it a week until we could go see my dentist interjection to a box of Chai tea bags. Placing a tea bag over an pustule can assistance pull out a infection and revoke pain. It’s not a surrogate for going to see a dentist (you should really do that ASAP!), though it can assistance we energy by a pain until your appointment comes.

Ease Sunburn Pain

That same speculation also works when it comes to sunburn. Applying a soppy tea bag to burnt skin will assistance palliate pain from sunburn as good as things like stings and abrasions like razor burn.

Wash Your Dishes

Have a quite heavy raise of unwashed dishes? Soak a dishes in a penetrate with a tea bag or dual inside. The tea will assistance mangle down stranded on soil and douse and will make scrubbing most easier.

Clean Your Carpet

Use loose-leaf tea to kindly deodorize your carpet. If we don’t have any loose, we can cut open a tea bag and shower a context on your carpet. Leave a leaves for twenty or thirty mins and afterwards opening up.

Soak Your Feet

Tea can work as a healthy approach to alleviate calluses and deodorize your tootsies. Add a tea bag or dual to a bucket of comfortable water, put your feet in, and lay behind and relax.

Clean Wood Furniture

Tea can indeed work as a plain seat gloss replacement. Use cool, freshly-brewed tea (I suggest peppermint) to clean down list tops and mop floors. The tea helps cut by mud and grease. Once we clean it down, use a dry cloth to dry and clean a area. Like any new seat cleaner, try this one out on a tiny mark of your list before going all in, only in box there are any issues.

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