Friday’s Top Deals: Lenovo Thinkpad, LG OLED TV, Leaf Blower, and More

We flog off this Friday a 13th with scary-good deals on refurbished Lenovo Thinkpads, a LG OLED TV, a home confidence camera, a root blower, and more.

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Top Tech Deals

Refurb Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11E, $189-$227

It’s not mostly that Amazon facilities a laptop as one of a deals of a day, so anyone who uses a desktop during home or work should unequivocally check out this span of refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga for their unstable computing needs.


Though these laptop run Windows 10, a prices are flattering identical to a lot of Chromebooks, nonetheless a capabilities distant surpass what you’d find in many of Google’s alternatives. The genuine prominence underline nonetheless is a IPS touchscreen. Sure, during 11.6″, and 1366×768 resolution, this competence not be your categorical computer. But given it’s a Yoga, we can flip it into all sorts of opposite poses. Need to lift it around? Turn it into a tablet. Finished operative on a plane, and customarily wish to watch a movie? Flip it into mount mode to get a keyboard out of a way.

Two opposite models are available, one with 4GB of RAM and Windows 10 Home for $189, and another with 8GB of RAM and Windows 10 Professional for $227. My advice? It’s value ponying adult for a aloft finish model.

They also come with aged propagandize 320GB spinning tough drives, nonetheless we can always barter in an SSD yourself later.


Are they extraordinary laptops? No. But for around $200, they’re a unequivocally plain deal. Just note that this cost is customarily accessible today, and it could unequivocally good sell out early.

LG, $1600 | 65″, $2600

If we adore sable blacks and colourful colors—and who doesn’t?—this 2017 OLED LG TV is down to $1600 now on MassDrop, or $2600 for 65″, both during slightest $400 reduction than what Amazon’s charging

As you’d design from any high-end TV these days, that gets we a 4K row and Dolby Vision HDR, nonetheless OLED record means a blacks will be distant richer, and a colors some-more colourful than any LCD-based shade we can buy. It’ll still cost you, nonetheless your eyes will tell we it was value it.

Vansky RGB Bias Light, $12 with formula VSD5YF20
Vansky White Bias Light, $10 with formula VSD5YF20

If we still haven’t attempted out a home museum disposition light, there’s never been a improved time to collect one up.


Vansky’s LED disposition light strips block directly into your TV’s USB pier for power, and hang to a behind of a set around built-in adhesive. Once we spin your TV on, a LEDs expel a soothing feverishness on a wall behind them, that can revoke eyestrain when examination in a dark, and urge your TV’s viewed black levels.

You can name from an RGB or plain white frame now on Amazon for $12 or less, and if that’s too prolonged for your TV, we can indeed cut it to length.

TaoTronics Sound Bar, $76 with formula KINJAJCJ

This inexpensive sound bar substantially isn’t ideal for your categorical home theater; it’s customarily dual channels, and doesn’t have a subwoofer, nonetheless it would be a large ascent for, say, a kitchen or bedroom where you’re still regulating your TV’s built-in speakers. It’s also wall-mountable, and will even work as a big, shrill Bluetooth orator for your phone.

Netgear’s new Arlo home confidence complement is a lot like Nest Cam, solely a cameras can run off battery power, so we unequivocally can hang them anywhere. If that sounds like something you’re looking for, Amazon will sell we a refurbished 5-camera starter container for $360.


For context, this refurb container customarily costs $430, and a homogeneous new set is a whopping $550, so I’m gentle job this a best understanding we’ve ever seen on Arlo cameras.

Note 10/13 – This understanding ends tomorrow.

Other than a 2-pack discount, we’ve never seen a understanding on Amazon’s Echo Show, until today.

Get a touchscreen-equipped Alexa device for $200 right now, down from a strange $230. You can examination Gizmodo’s examination if we wish to learn more, nonetheless it turns out Alexa would have benefitted from a visible member all along

The Echo Dot is also $5 off, if we wish to widespread Alexa all around your house.

Yi, $29 with formula UHF4D4MN

Yi, manufacturer of your favorite affordable movement cam, also creates a home IP confidence camera, and we can collect it adult for customarily $29 now with promo formula UHF4D4MN, a best understanding we’ve ever seen.


The Yi Home Camera includes all a elementary facilities you’d expect, including two-way audio, involuntary activity alerts to your phone, and remote monitoring. And while Yi does offer a paid cloud DVR service, we can also opt to store your files on an onboard microSD card, no membership required. Even if we go this lane though, you’ll still be means to balance in live from anywhere in a world.

Sennheiser HD 6XX, $200

Sennheiser’s HD 650 open behind headphones are widely deliberate some of a best-sounding cans we can buy for underneath $1000, and a best possibility to get them is when MassDrop drops a new conveyance of a mythological HD 6XX.

The 6XX is fundamentally accurately a same as a 650, nonetheless with a 6′ wire rather than a original’s 10′, that is indeed a improved length, in my opinion. The 650s are now listed for $315 on Amazon, and have never been cheaper than $287, nonetheless MassDrop has a singular series units of a 6XX accessible for $200, while reserve last.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070, $400

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 is right in a Goldilocks section of cost and performance, and we can collect adult a Gigabyte label with a whopping 8GB of GDDR5 RAM for $400 on MassDrop right now. That’s a best cost we’ve ever seen, and $35 reduction than Amazon, that means you’ll have some-more income left over for games.

Nonda Car Charger, $11

Nonda’s strange Zus intelligent automobile horse was a one-of-a-kind device with dual unequivocally poorly-placed USB ports, nonetheless a newly redesigned Quick Charge 2.0 indication fixes that deadly smirch for customarily $11.

That’s a good cost for any Quick Charge automobile charger, nonetheless Nonda’s has some facilities we won’t find anywhere else. Most notably, it connects to your phone over Bluetooth, and any time a tie drops (meaning your automobile has incited off), a giveaway app will make a note of your plcae so we can find your parking mark later.


That app will also tell we a health of your automobile battery so we can get it transposed before you finish adult stranded, and it can even lane your mileage for taxation and expensing functions (free for 60 drives per month, $3/month or $30/year for unlimited).

RAVPower 6700mAh Battery Pack, $10 with formula KINJA060

Giant battery packs are good in some situations, nonetheless some-more mostly than not, we customarily need something that can fit in your slot and give we a singular additional phone charge, or maybe a bit more. That’s accurately what we can get now for $10 with promo formula KINJA060.


Humble’s mostly famous for offering games, nonetheless their new program gold isn’t personification around.


10 Windows, Mac, and Linux apps are widespread opposite 3 opposite cost tiers, a many costly of that will customarily set we behind $15 (unless we feel like donating more). Highlights embody Fences, an overwhelming window government app for Windows, Deskscapes, that adorns your guard with good new wallpapers, and WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, that does accurately what you’d expect.

That’s customarily scratching a aspect though, so conduct over to Humble to see a full list. If there’s even one app in there that you’re meddlesome in, it’s substantially value it.

1 Year NordVPN, $48 with formula VIP70 | 2 Year Plan, $72 with formula 2YSpecial2017

VPNs are in a news these days, and with good reason. So if you’re extraordinary to pointer adult and start safeguarding your browsing story and personal information (or, we know, removing around websites’geoblocks), NordVPN charges reduction per month than a customary outing to Starbucks.


NordVPN has prolonged been one of a many renouned and arguable VPN providers out there, and if we pointer adult for a one-year membership, promo formula VIP70 will dump your annual cost from $69 to $48. If you’re certain we wish to commit, use this integrate instead to get a special dual year devise for $79 with formula 2YSpecial2017. Lifehacker has endorsed Nord in some prior guides, nonetheless if we have any firsthand knowledge with a service, sound off in a comments!

Top Home Deals

Sandusky Lee Garden Cart, $47
Hitachi 23.9cc Leaf Blower, $97

The weather’s going to cold down shortly (right? right!?) and a leaves will start falling, nonetheless we can make your grass upkeep slight a small bit easier with a span of good deals today.


First up, Amazon’s compelling a Hitachi gas-powered root ventilator for $97, down from a common $120-$130. Despite weighing customarily 8.6 pounds, it can lift out atmosphere during adult to 170 mph, so your grass detritus won’t mount a chance.

While you’re during it, it’s never a bad time to buy a good garden cart. This one can transport 400 pounds, and we can fall any or all of a side walls if we need to lift things that won’t utterly fit inside. $47 is an all-time low, and about $18 reduction than usual.

20% off Halloween Candy

If we missed out on your possibility to save on Halloween candy final week (or if we already ate it all), Amazon’s once again holding 20% off a far-reaching accumulation of Nestle Halloween packs, including both fruity and chocolatey options. Just remember that we won’t see a reward until checkout.

$30 Off Deep Cleaning

The holidays are customarily around a corner, and if we don’t have a time to get your residence unadulterated before we start hosting guests, Amazon’s here to help.


For a singular time, if we book a low cleaning from Amazon Home Services, you’ll get $30 off during checkout. It’s as elementary as that. Every low cleaning use includes a following:

  • Includes low cleaning of all bedrooms in your home
  • Bathroom vanity, tub, and toilet cleaning
  • Kitchen counters, floor, and range/cooktop cleaning
  • Washing all window interiors and countertops (walls not included)
  • Trash dismissal to your outward cans
  • Pro will yield cleaning supplies

You can also supplement a inside of your fridge and a bulb of your kitchen cabinets for an additional fee.


After we finish your purchase, we can book a use for any time in a subsequent 90 days, so you’ll be means to time it adult with any imagination soirees or tension-filled Thanksgiving domestic debates you’re hosting this holiday season.

Star Shower Motion, $25

Before we know it, it’ll be time to get started on holiday decorating, nonetheless we can save money, not to discuss time, by holding advantage of Amazon’s Star Shower Motion deal.


If we aren’t familiar, these talent small gadgets use lasers to plan red and immature lights onto a front of your house, giving a coming of holiday suggestion nonetheless a con of indeed unresolved adult outward lights. We’ve seen a few deals newly on identical products, nonetheless this is a original, as-seen-on-TV Star Shower that started a trend a few years ago, and it’s never been cheaper.

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