Fix a Bad Education (or Augment a Good One) With These Videos

Some people got a good high propagandize education. But some of us were sent to an devout Christian school, where we schooled that expansion is a lie, Columbus was a cold dude, and Catholics are faking it. For us, and anyone else who suspects their preparation could use a revisionist refresh, there’s a giveaway YouTube channel Crash Course.

Get out those Trapper Keepers and whet your No. 2 pencils—it’s Back-to-School Week! Going distant over a classroom, we’re bringing we talent tricks and ideas on how to start routines, brush adult on aged skills or learn something new this fall.


Crash Course is a array of educational videos started by YA writer John Green (author of The Fault in Our Stars) and his brother, vlogger Hank Green. The 22 courses, any with adult to 48 episodes, cover a far-reaching operation of topics in history, science, amicable science, and a arts. The hosts are enchanting (though comparison viewers competence find them a bit cloying), and a calm is entirely researched and includes visit citations of primary sources.

My sold calming preparation centered on U.S. History, that starts with Native American civilizations and early European conquests. Host John Green speaks during a fast clip, with visible aids popping adult around him. This march won’t try each corner of American history, though it excels during building a awake account to change your bargain of vital events.

For instance, a part on a War of Independence is called “Who Won a American Revolution?” It reminds us that America has never been a monolith, and that while a array distant some energy structures, it strengthened others, like those formed on competition and gender. Green also reminds us that this didn’t have to be a case, that even during this indicate in history, many were fighting to giveaway slaves, franchise a poor, and give rights to women.

Crash Course is good during answering, “What was a understanding with that era?” That wrap-up peculiarity creates it a useful addition for stream high propagandize students, who mostly need to hear a same information presented a few opposite ways. When she taught high propagandize biology, my Lifehacker co-worker Beth Skwarecki showed her students a biology and chemistry series. (For younger students, try Crash Course Kids, that focuses on fifth-grade scholarship topics.)


Crash Course is meant for everyone. “When people ask us how we wish these things to be used, we don’t unequivocally have a awake answer,” John says in a channel’s intro video. “We’re only perplexing to emanate educational calm in a hopes that it will be useful to people.”

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