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Messaging services like Slack and Facebook Messenger are only a few places we can play with bots, programs that yield a use within an app or platform. With Botlist, we can find a bot to fit your needs for a accumulation of services, including bots that’ll trim some seconds off your commute, assistance we modify files, and keep we on your diet by assisting we ask your dishes.


The Forksy chatbot, concordant with Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Telegram, acts as a food diary, call we to catalog your culinary choices. Forksy starts by seeking we some questions to guess a correct calorie extent for your body.



Every few hours, you’ll get a summary from Forksy seeking what we ate or drank. It keeps all your choices in a food diary, and has an discretionary “coaching” underline in a works that will let we pronounce to a lerned nutritionist.


Using Poncho’s continue use means we can check on a stream foresee from within Slack, Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Viber. Just ask it about a weather, embody your zip code, and now accept a continue news in a single, snarky sentence.


Poncho has a few some-more tricks adult a sleeve. You can ask it a kind of hair day you’re firm to have formed on a continue or get an hour-by-hour foresee for a subsequent 6 hours. If you’re a New Yorker, we can ask it a standing of whatever sight line you’d like, giving we a discerning heads adult on either there’s a check that could keep we stranded in bad continue instead of your friendly office.


With Calbot, we can supplement events to your calendar true from your Slack channel or email service. It supports Google and Microsoft calendars, and can hoop mixed calendars if you’ve got them. You can supplement appointments and tasks to other calendars by appending a name of your calendar to your request.


In further to adding events we can supplement reminders to your calendars, list a events of any day or week, and supplement locations and email addresses. If you’re a traditionalist, Calbot works by your email service, so we can send your eventuality or ask your report by emails and have Calbot supplement them to a calendar.


Vidibot creates video acclimatisation as elementary as pasting a link. The Facebook Messenger bot earnings MP4 and MP3 download links for whatever YouTube or Facebook video couple we provide. Vidibot provides downloadable links in only a few seconds. we was means to download a 13-minute YouTube video in underneath 5 mins after pity a couple with a bot.

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