Facebook Wants to Overhaul Its News Feed—I Made Mine Empty Instead 

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“We need to refocus a system,” is how Mark Zuckerberg explained a thespian changes he skeleton to make to Facebook’s News Feed in an talk with The New York Times yesterday. “We wish to make certain that a products are not usually fun, though are good for people.”

It’s as tighten to an acknowledgment as we’re expected to get from Zuckerberg about a disastrous effects his association has had on humanity. Of course, refocusing on “meaningful interaction” (that is, high impact posts from tighten friends) can usually come during a cost of massively shortening a strech of publishers. A tiny cost to pay, perhaps. But we consider my possess renovate of Facebook competence have Mark’s beat.

Since early December, I’ve been evenly clearing everybody and all from my feed. Most days, zero stays on a amicable network we assimilated 12 years ago solely for this: “Welcome to Facebook. Get started by adding friends. You’ll see their videos, photos and posts here.” Occasionally, a site offers a some-more tired message: “There are no some-more posts to uncover right now.”

It’s blissful.

There are positively some-more fit methods to unfollow everybody on Facebook, though we opted to boot people and groups as they seemed on my feed to see how a height would conflict to my fast decoupling. Present coworkers were transposed by past ones, and tighten friends gave proceed to some-more apart ones we substantially due a call or an email to. we saw names that were informed from high propagandize subsequent to faces that were now strange, afterwards kin of exes whose digital loyalty deserved conjunction a passion of deletion nor a awkwardness of interaction. It was a slow, weeks-long tour to a outdoor reaches of my amicable circles, all a proceed out to people we had no correlation of, vital in places I’ve never been.


As people left from my timeline by a dozens, Facebook dutifully flush posts for me—although they were removing increasingly stale. Wishes of “happy birthday Tim!” destined during a musician we knew in college hung around for days after he’d turned, what, 29? 30 years old? At a many desperate, Facebook shoved week-old posts into my curse feed, carnivorous for anything that would keep my eyes lerned on a barbarous blue and grey walled garden.

Certain that we would during slightest wish to see posts from a page we managed, my Facebook feed became a torrent of Gizmodo links—so we revoked my executive privileges.

By day three, a feed began visibly panicking.

It would do this a few times before alighting on a “no posts to show” message

And a day after it gave up. Just like that, all my digital friendships were tucked orderly away. Unfollowed though not unfriended, even pacifist interactions with my Facebook family became discretionary when we logged on. (Some of these steps, we should note, had to be steady for Facebook’s mobile app, that seems, by design, to omit your enterprise to accept fewer notifications.)


Keen to keep going, a subsequent aim on Facebook’s remarkably cluttered front page was a “shortcuts” menu—something I’ve never used and presumably never even beheld before rising this electioneer to overcome Zuckerberg’s UI for my possess well-being. Like most of Facebook, these sidebar links seem to be automatically generated, and they can’t be deleted. But they can be hidden, manually, one during a time. When zero remain, a shortcuts menu disappears.

Facebook was a lot some-more vehement for my birthday than we was…

The same binds loyal for a “stories” module—with no stories to fill it, it collapses into nothing. Only one person’s story seemed on my feed, and we didn’t commend a name of a poster. Unfriended. Gone.


Trending topics can also be private (one during a time) until there are zero left, ensuing in an scary doubt mark, flapping too tighten to module’s border. But a topics refill so fast that it’s frequency value a effort. Functionally, zero else on Facebook’s categorical page is optional. With a core product absent, a review of definitely invalid facilities are all that remain, exposing a company’s ad hoc proceed to harvesting time and information from users.

The doubt symbol usually sits there.

Similar to how I’ll open a fridge to glance during a same leftovers when I’m some-more wearied than hungry, we used to check Facebook dozens of times a day. Call it romantic lethargy. It’s an surprising robe to break—one that hundreds of people a lot smarter than me worked really tough to make as formidable to quit as they could. Being greeted by zero has supposing absolute reinforcement.


Why not undo my comment completely? we can clear Zuckerberg’s algorithmic calamity as an useful apparatus for reporting, though it’s also definite that zero binds some-more of my digital memories than Facebook. Many of them exist nowhere else. Photos of summer cookouts. Jokes between friends now upheld away. Facebook lets people download their full user repository but, according to a company, “unfortunately, there’s no proceed to away name that information we would like to download when we download your Facebook info.”

Not all of these memories need to sojourn stored on a servers of a association we (and most of America) no longer trusts, though I’d like some of them to be saved. Preserving what’s suggestive and deletion what isn’t will be an strenuous plan for another day. In another 12 years I’d like to relive a few of them again, with or but Facebook’s help.

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