Facebook Messenger Lite: Site launches tip chronicle of discuss app that is cheaper and easier to use

There’s a hidden, many improved chronicle of Facebook Messenger. And we substantially wish to start regulating it true away.

Facebook has done a Messenger Lite app accessible in some-more countries, permitting everybody to use a slimmed-down, faster and some-more fit chronicle of a app.

The light chronicle works by removing absolved of many of a extra, mostly invalid tools of a app, like Facebook Stories and gifs. In so doing, it cuts out a many complete things that run when Messenger is open, permitting users to save space, use reduction information and generally equivocate a many additional facilities that have done their approach into Messenger recently.

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    Go Facebook-free

    One of a best things about Messenger being separate from a categorical Facebook app is that we can use it yet indeed carrying an active Facebook account. Simply record in with your phone number, rather than your Facebook profile.

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    Share song

    If we use your Facebook comment to record in to Spotify, we can use Messenger to simply share songs with your friends. Just daub a + idol in a discuss and daub a Spotify symbol that pops up.

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    Protect your remoteness

    Privacy is important, and Messenger lets we strengthen your chats by switching on encryption. Just open a conversation, strike a options pivotal and name Secret Conversation. You can even name to make your messages disappear, by drumming a time idol in a content box and environment a timer.

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    Plans and polls

    A lot of people use Messenger essentially to organize events, and a app has a dedicated apparatus for creation plans. In a chat, strike a options key, name Start A Plan and enter a right time and date. In organisation chats, we can also emanate polls by drumming a + pivotal in a bottom left-hand corner.

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    You can play games on Messenger by drumming a joystick idol that sits in a bottom right-hand dilemma of a home screen. Classics including Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Snake are accessible alongside newer titles, and we can also play opposite your friends.

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    Hidden messages

    Like email providers, Messenger has a possess spam filter that keeps messages from people who aren’t your friends on Facebook divided from your inbox. You can find them by drumming a phone book idol during a bottom of a shade and selecting Message Requests.

  • 7/11

    Themes and nicknames

    Blue is Messenger’s default theme, yet we can change this by opening a chat, attack a options symbol and selecting colour. It won’t change your life, yet it’s good to have a option. You can also emanate nicknames for yourself and your friends.

  • 8/11

    Messenger Day

    Messenger Day is roughly accurately like Snapchat Stories, vouchsafing we post edited cinema and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Just daub Add To Your Day or a round idol during a bottom of a Messenger home screen, take a design or video, revise it and post it to Messenger.

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    Resize emoji

    If we ever get unequivocally bored, we can try resizing emoji by drumming and holding them to make them bloat up.

  • 10/11


    Facebook wants we to start regulating Messenger to pronounce to businesses, and we can do this by carrying a review with one of tens of thousands of chatbots. It’s a bizarre underline we can entrance by drumming a hunt bar during a tip of a app and possibly browsing a list of suggested bots or looking for a specific one by typing in a association name.

  • 11/11

    Transfer income

    You can even send and accept income by Messenger, yet usually in a US right now. In chat, usually strike a + idol in a chat, daub a $ key, form a volume we wish to send and enter your label details.

There are of march some downsides, including a fact that all of a some-more modernized facilities won’t work properly. But your comment will still have entrance to those, we usually won’t be means to use them by a light chronicle of a app.

Facebook Messenger Lite is now accessible to many people with an Android phone, yet there’s still no iOS version. It can be downloaded as normal, by a Google Play Store, and we can keep both a light and full-sized chronicle of a app on your phone if we wish.

There are 3 categorical reasons to use a app.

It requires distant reduction data, creation it cheaper and easier to use on costly or bad connections. The formula powering a app is slimmed down, and it also can’t accept large files like photos or gifs, definition that those things won’t taxation your information tie either.

For identical reasons, and since it was creatively envisaged as a apparatus for rising markets, it has been built to run on as many inclination as possible. So even aged and unsupported phones will be means to run Messenger Lite, distinct a distant some-more disdainful full-fat Messenger app.

And finally, it strips out many of a additional facilities that have been combined to Facebook Messenger in new years. Since it has been reduced usually to a discuss app, it doesn’t have facilities like Facebook’s personal partner or it’s new Snapchat-like selfie lenses.

The app comes after Facebook criminialized people from regulating Messenger on a website, that was a prior approach to get a smaller, lighter chronicle of a app. That preference was small explained during a time, and seemed to encouraged by forcing people to download Facebook’s apps and so give them some-more entrance to their phone.

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