Everything You Need to Know About a Credit Freeze

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Last week Equifax announced a “Cybersecurity Incident” that influenced 143 million customers. Between freezes, rascal alerts, and credit monitoring, we competence be throwing your hands adult during what to do.

First, cruise twice before signing adult for Equifax’s giveaway credit monitoring. You can do this yourself. Monitor your possess credit from all 3 bureaus annually during annualcreditreport.com and there are a series of giveaway collection and services that can assistance we keep tabs on your credit, too. We’ve told we how to review and interpret your news once we get your hands on it.


You do, however, wish to put a solidify on your news — and presumably a rascal alert.

What Is a Credit Freeze?

A solidify restricts entrance to your credit report, creation it unfit for a burglar to take out lines of credit in your name (unless they penetrate your PIN, we’ll get to that). When we put a solidify on your news during a credit bureau, that business won’t recover your news when a association requests to lift it. Let’s contend a burglar steals your Social Security series and relates for a line of credit with Chase bank. If you’ve solidified your report, Chase will try to lift your news usually to find it’s frozen. Thus, a burglar can’t open a new account.


In fact, even outward of this whole Equifax fiasco, we competence cruise a solidify as a surety measure. Forbes explains:

“Someone who isn’t looking to steal income competence wish to solidify their credit for confidence purposes. A good claimant would be someone who owns their home or is a long-term dweller who doesn’t devise on creation a new automobile squeeze or receiving new credit cards in a nearby future.”

According to a FTC, a solidify doesn’t impact your score, so there’s no need to worry about that. Also, we can still get your giveaway annual credit news with a freeze, so monitoring your credit isn’t an issue, either. While a solidify prevents new lines of credit, it doesn’t do anything to strengthen thieves from charging an existent line of credit, though, so we still wish to guard your credit activity.

Of course, when we do wish to take out a new line of credit, you’ll need to “thaw” your solidify before we apply.

A Freeze Isn’t Foolproof

When we put a solidify on your report, we get a PIN that you’ll use whenever you’re prepared to unfreeze your freeze. This PIN allows we to solidify and unfreeze your news during your discretion. There’s usually one problem, as a New York Times explains:


“A confidence solidify doesn’t strengthen we if a thieves mangle into a safe of a association that maintains a freeze. That’s what happened here, and we will now spend years saying what happens next.”

Equifax’s complement for generating “random” PINs was rarely problematic, too:

Security blog Naked Security explains because this is an issue:

The PINs are 10 digits long. If Equifax chose numeric PINs during pointless a crooks would have a one in 10 billion possibility of guessing a right series on a initial go (that still wouldn’t count as a clever cue by a way, though it’s not bad).By regulating dates Equifax have slashed a contingency on a successful guess.

Equifax has given updated a complement to beget some-more pointless PINs, though a problem remains: if hackers mangle into a right vault, that is a thing that’s already happened, they can entrance your PIN. That’s not to contend we should skip a freeze, it’s usually something to keep in mind.

How to Freeze Your Reports

The routine for frozen your news is flattering easy, though unfortunately, we competence have to compensate a $5 to $10 price to solidify your news with any bureau. Here’s where we can go to pointer adult for a solidify during any of a 3 vital credit bureaus:

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • TransUnion

You can also give them a call:

  • Equifax: 1-800-349-9960
  • Experian: 1-888-397-3742
  • TransUnion: 1-888-909-8872

If you’re in a routine of requesting for a loan, check with your lender or servicer to see what they recommend. “If we are in a center of selling for a loan, it does not make clarity to put a solidify on your credit report,” rascal consultant MagnifyMoney Founder Nick Clements told us. “If we do have a credit solidify on your account, we can temporarily mislay a solidify to capacitate we to emporium for a loan. The fees to place and lift a credit solidify change by state.”


Your lender should be means to tell we if they’ve already pulled your report, in that case, we can go forward and place a freeze, or when they devise on pulling, so we know when to thaw. I’m in a center of refinancing my house, for example, and my servicer educated me to go forward and solidify my report.

Consider a Fraud Alert, Too

A rascal warning is another choice to cruise (and it’s free) in further to a freeze. With a rascal alert, your credit news is flagged, and creditors and lenders contingency take combined stairs to determine your identity. “For example, if we yield a write number, a business contingency call we to determine either we are a chairman creation a credit request,” a FTC explains. And there are 3 forms of alerts available, according to them:

  • Initial Fraud Alert. If you’re endangered about temperament theft, though haven’t nonetheless turn a victim, this rascal warning will strengthen your credit from unverified entrance for during slightest 90 days. You competence wish to place a rascal warning on your record if your wallet, Social Security card, or other personal, financial or comment information are mislaid or stolen.
  • Extended Fraud Alert. For victims of temperament theft, an extended rascal warning will strengthen your credit for 7 years.
  • Active Duty Military Alert. For those in a troops who wish to strengthen their credit while deployed, this rascal warning lasts for one year.

The good news is, we don’t have to ask a rascal warning during each bureau. Experian explains:


“When we ask a rascal warning be combined with any of a 3 vital credit bureaus, a business we contacted will forewarn a other dual and alerts will be combined with those bureaus as well. A rascal warning or initial confidence warning will advise lenders that we competence have been a rascal victim. This additional prevision will forewarn a intensity lender that they should hit we before extenuation any new line of credit in your name. This rascal warning will stay on your credit news for 90 days. You can replenish a rascal warning when it expires.”

Here’s where to go if we wish to place a rascal warning on your report:




Again, we usually need to set a warning with one association and afterwards they should forewarn a rest. “A rascal warning is weaker than a credit freeze. If we put a solidify on your account, we don’t need to do a rascal alert,” Clements says. “You competence confirm to put an warning on your comment instead of a freeze, though temperament thieves can frustrate even reasonable additional precautions.” Cnet recommends fixation both a solidify and a rascal warning on your account. In box a burglar finds a approach to get past a two-step verification, you’ll still have a solidify on your report, that provides one some-more separator to entry.

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