Easy Halloween Costumes You Can Make with Your Kids (No Matter Their Age)

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Halloween is a holiday many kids energetically anticipate, and besides a candy, a large partial of a fun is putting together their all-important costume. If you’re prone to go a DIY route, next are a brew of smart and classical costumes we can make with your kids, no matter their age.

Ages Five and Under

At this age, many of a assistance you’ll get is your child perplexing a dress on or picking out colors. If they have a courtesy camber for it, ask them questions or uncover them what you’re doing to get them involved.

  • Pumpkin: This video educational shows we how to make a pumpkin dress from a t-shirt and a few other supplies. This chronicle is easy to adjust for opposite ages/sizes. If we have a super immature kid, we can use an orange onesie instead. If we wish something some-more like what’s graphic above, glue a span of goggly eyes on a shirt or onesie.
  • Moana: If we have some sewing chops, this video educational even includes instructions on creation a fibre wig. For something easier aim for a categorical colors and shapes of a character’s outfit (red brief sleeved top, tan skirt, and hanging necklace).
  • Dinosaur: For an easy DIY costume, emanate this dinosaur tail and span it with a shirt and pants in a same color. Add a beanie with a few felt “spikes” sewn or glued on tip and we have a correct dino! This tail is easy to detach so we can mislay it as your child gets sleepy during trick-or-treating.

If nothing of these held your eye, check out a all ages territory during a finish of this essay for some-more ideas.

Ages Five to Ten

Simple costumes are a easiest for immature kids to assistance out with, generally if a dress has one or dual tools a child can do mostly on their own. Get your child concerned in picking a materials for a costume.

  • Troll: If your child is still singing songs from this movie, this is a ideal dress for them. Use this educational to get a outfits done and afterwards go for an easier to wear choice for a hair (as shown above). Tie strands of tulle around a headband, afterwards accumulate them together with a bow.
  • Lego: A classical dress that takes usually a few materials, and is easy for your child to assistance glue and paint. This educational shows we how to go from start to finish on this elementary DIY. If we have some-more than one kid, or your child wants to dress adult with their friends, this is good dress to make for a crowd.
  • Raincloud: A discerning and lovable dress to lift together, this raincloud educational shows we how to emanate a dress with only a few materials. This is a good one if it’ll sleet on Halloween in your area as rainboots span perfectly. If we don’t wish to make a pressed cloud, cut one out of cardboard, mist paint it white, and supplement a integrate straps to a tip to hang on your kid’s shoulders.


At this age, your child can do a lot some-more to make their costume, with some assistance and organisation from you.

  • Zombie: Give this video educational a try if we need assistance reckoning out a zombie dress (it even includes makeup instructions). If your child isn’t into it, we can always facilitate a makeup to white and black face paint with a tiny feign blood.
  • Belle: The easiest approach to make a Belle dress is to use a normal pre-made dress and supplement tiny touches to make it Belle-like. Here’s a elementary educational on adding an apron and hair crawl to get her blue bland dress. If your child wants her yellow ballgown, try this video educational that turns an aged marriage dress into Belle’s gown. You can always use a yellow tip and dress or dress with tulle combined underneath if we don’t have a sewing skills or time for an elaborate DIY.
  • Eyeball: For a simple, discerning costume, make this “popped eyeball”. It’s kind of gross, easy to make, and quick to put on.


Your teen competence or competence not be super into creation their dress with you, though if they need help, here are some some-more formidable costumes that could use dual people to qualification them.

  • Stranger Things: Likely to be renouned again this year, here’s a video educational for a integrate Stranger Things costumes your teen can rock. You competence even be means to lift out a integrate equipment from your possess closet that they can wear to get a epoch right.
  • Star Wars: Whether your teen wants to go for a classical Star Wars impression or one from a some-more new films, we can assistance them get a wardrobe pieces they need for a outfit, and supplement any pivotal sum to make a dress come to life.
  • Skeleton: Besides assisting your teen get their skeleton makeup only right, we can make a skeleton physique together, too. An eye for fact and calm are both indispensable for this costume.

Any Age

Some costumes work no matter your age. You can adjust a pieces of these dress to be easier to put together if we have younger kids.

  • Pirate: All we need is a DIY bandit shirt, a sash, and a sword!
  • Witch: Quick to lift together from black wardrobe your child already has, or we can DIY a some-more elaborate costume. Buy a shawl and a brush and your child is set for Halloween.
  • Wonder Woman: This dress will be renouned this year, and we can possibly go minute or aim for a ubiquitous tone intrigue with a blue skirt, red tip with her symbol, and a mistake crown.
  • Cat: A Halloween classical and all we need is a black outfit, cat ears, and elementary makeup. You can go some-more elaborate with a tutu or tail.

Do we have a Halloween dress that we done with your kid? Share sum in a contention next so other relatives can get inspired!

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