Don’t decider us for these weird and tasty sandwich combos

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In How Do You Take Yours?, The A.V. Club solicits staff and outward imagination for tip tips on improving one dish. This week, we’re deliberating sandwich combinations that sound bizarre on paper, though are in fact tasty and worthwhile.

Brendan Haren, Coppin’s Restaurant and Bar in Covington, Kentucky

I initial attempted a PBJ burger during 26 Beach Restaurant in Venice Beach. we desired a honeyed and salt play between a informed tastes of peanut butter, jelly, and a burger patty. Whenever we unequivocally need a pick-me-up, we slap one of them together and chuck a small bacon on it to strike a health value adult a little. Add a side of fries and a Braxton drink and you’re good to go!

Nicole Krasinski, State Bird Provisions in San Francisco

We make a sauerkraut butter here. You take chopped sauerkraut and some of a juices and brew that with churned butter. It goes unequivocally good with Italian bread and ham. Another multiple we adore is pickles, Gruyere cheese, and butter, served on simple white bread. You unequivocally need all three. It’s a enchanting combination.

Brandon Frohne, Holler Dash Biscuit House, several locations

At a Nashville restaurant, we took a classical peanut butter and banana sandwich and threw in a integrate some-more twists. Everything we do is formed around a biscuit. We’d start there, afterwards make a peanut butter mousse, followed by bananas, sharp sugared bacon, maple syrup, and finally preserved popcorn.


At a Atlanta restaurant, we have a grilled duck sandwich that uses a sweet-tea brine. You’d take honeyed tea, supplement a bit of ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and honey, and soak tender duck breast in a brine for 30 minutes. You can afterwards roaster a duck or prepare in a sauté pan; possibly way, it’ll caramelize. We offer that sweet-tea brine grilled duck sandwich with preserved cabbage, sprouts, and a prohibited salsa aioli. Lots of engaging flavors.

Antonio Mora, Quality Meats in New York City

Grilled Cheese + pancetta + pesto + jam. As a kid, we grew adult eating sandwiches with American cheese and Welch’s grape preserve on toasted pumpernickel bread. we always desired a multiple of honeyed and savory. This sandwich pays reverence to my Spanish heritage, and it’s kind of a play on membrillo (quince paste) with manchego cheese.


There are so many combinations and flavors in this sandwich, though they pivotal is to have a ideal brew of salty, fatty, savory, and honeyed all in one bite. The sandwich itself is sincerely simple—it’s [a chronicle of] a grilled cheese sandwich with a further of pancetta and jam. First we build a sandwich regulating your bread of choice, jam, pancetta or ham, cheese, and pesto. Next, easily brownish-red some butter in a nonstick vessel and afterwards place a sandwich in a pan. Once it gets crispy on one side, flip it over and press down kindly with a spatula. Lastly, chuck in a oven for a few mins during 350 degrees. we like my bread good and crispy!

Joe Frietze, Publican Quality Meats in Chicago

I’ve been wanting to call a sandwich Honey Badger for a year and a half now. Our conduct baker came adult with this sugar whole-wheat bread, that usually calls for putting ham on it. To that we allegation on sugar mustard butter on both pieces of bread (whisk together 50 grams room feverishness butter, 15 grams Dijon mustard, 3 grams honey, salt to season). Then we supplement prohibited giardiniera, preserved red onions, Comte cheese, and ham. We do it as a roaster sandwich—you’ve got to really press it to make a sandwich crispy.

Rainbow-colored toast, regulating a lavender, basil and tomato cheese, from a roaster in Hong Kong. (Photo: Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images)

Moosah Reaume, Commons Club in Chicago

Pan-fried bologna + pineapple rings + Miracle Whip + Flamin’ Hot Cheetos + boiled over-easy egg on Mrs. Baird’s white bread. This has been a go-to given we ran home to my residence when we was in a fourth grade. Right after school, we dismissed adult a pan, threw in a butter, and afterwards started from there while a bread was in a toaster. We took a bologna out when it was caramelized and afterwards threw some-more butter behind into a vessel and boiled a egg. From there it was usually building a sandwich. Then outstanding a egg down on a bologna and usually abrasive it. we wish to make one now.

Kevin Pang, The A.V. Club food editor

These all work. I’ve attempted them.

  • Mashed potatoes on prohibited dogs
  • Creamed cheese + sugar on toast
  • Pineapple + butter on toast
  • Fries with ketchup and malt vinegar between bread (as a English call it, a chip butty)
  • Butter + marmite + salt and vinegar chips

Clayton Purdom, The A.V. Club internet enlightenment editor

At some indicate in college—and by “some point,” we meant an dusk too misty to be placed in time or location—someone introduced me to a peanut butter and plight sandwich. It’s as easy as you’d think, regulating store-bought bread, a dill plight spear, and some peanut butter, all common adequate in a college house. As we was introduced to it, we use one square of bread and afterwards hang it around a pickle, branch it into a arrange of prohibited dog shape. You are watchful for me to tell we it creates some-more clarity when we eat it, and that is since it does, a saltiness combining a good congruity between a dual mixture though a juiciness of a plight resisting a stickiness of a peanut butter. Paeans have been created to a peculiar pairing elsewhere, though once we buy into it, a loyal sovereignty is a prepared availability. You can substantially make one right now. What are we watchful for?

A hulk torta that includes chicken, turkey, ham, shrimp, octopus, avocado and mole. (Photo: Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP/GettyImages)

Caitlin PenzeyMoog, The A.V. Club emissary handling editor

This clearly pointless amalgam of dishes came to me by approach of recipe that featured avocados, cheese, and micro-greens; realizing we had some preserved onions in a fridge a initial time and a aptitude for fusing prior iterations led to this sandwich. It has no name, though my partner and we call it “that avocado-pea shoot-egg one.” Using a robust wheat or rye bread (toasted, if possible), widespread a inexhaustible assisting of crushed avocado over top. Then, kindly dire into a avocado so it all sticks together, supplement crumbled hard-boiled egg, French feta, and preserved onions. It should all form a mass. On top, supplement pea fire greens, and salt and peppers if we want. We eat these as open-faced sandwiches, though we could toast another square of bread and crush it over top, if we want. This is a filling, greasy vegetarian sandwich, and we might find we wish some-more of some options than others—my sandwich always turns out to be about 50 percent preserved onion, while my partner favors a eggs and cheese in his. You unequivocally can’t go wrong.

William Hughes, The A.V. Club staff writer

Here’s where my long-time standing as a rubbish food chairman finally pays off, since while my favorite breakfast sandwich usually hardly qualifies for a name—by dint of outstanding some food muck in between dual fundamentally bread-like objects—it is a tasty approach to jump-start your metabolism in a morning. The recipe is simple: Take dual Eggo Nutri-Grain blueberry waffles—and a Nutri-Grain is important, or a whole thing will finish adult tasting approach too sweet—and give them a middle toasting. Then, request a medium-thick covering of well-spoken Jif peanut butter (or your personal brand, though I’m a quadruped of code loyalty) on any waffle, and pound them together, quickly. Speed matters here, since if you’re too slow, a waffle feverishness will dissipate, and we won’t get a runny, almost-liquid melted peanut butter hardness that concurrently brings a senses to life and also fundamentally drips down onto your shirt, withdrawal stains that tell a universe we know accurately how to do breakfast right.

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