Don’t Bother Trying to Age Your Wine

Photo by Peggy Lohse.

The longer we wait to open that bottle of booze a better, right? Well, unless we indeed bought some good booze designed to be aged, not really.

As approved booze sommelier Madeline Puckette during Wine Folly explains, many wines these days aren’t designed to age. In fact, Puckette says many booze we can buy in stores won’t final scarcely as prolonged as we consider it will. Here are a integrate of her ubiquitous manners of thumb:

Everyday red wines have about a 5 year life span

Everyday white and rosé wines have about a 2–3 year life span

And watchful until a finish of those life spans to splash them doesn’t unequivocally make them better. It’s also critical to note that booze we buy during supermarket customarily isn’t all that complex, and, according to Puckette, a booze that isn’t formidable to start with won’t turn some-more formidable with age. So there’s no indicate in trying. Sorry, that bottle of Yellowtail chard we bought in 2011 isn’t removing better.


There are still age-worthy wines out there, though we need to buy them from critical booze dealers, specialty stores, or true from a vineyards. What should we demeanour out for? Age-worthy red wines are vibrant, high in tannins (what gives booze that sour taste), high in acidity, and presumably fortified with combined spirits like Port. Age-worthy white wines are scarcely transparent in tone to start, high in acidity, and really honeyed (like dessert wines). Puckette has a good draft of booze forms that are value aging, and how for long, here.

But honestly, unless you’re severely looking to get into a booze investment game, we should just buy booze we wish to splash here and now. Better yet, only squeeze some boxed wine. It tastes flattering glorious for entrance out of a cosmetic bag inside a card box, we get a lot some-more for less, it lasts longer, and come on, we can’t tell a disproportion between it and a costly stuff. Stop teasing yourself.

How To Tell If A Wine Is Age-Worthy | Wine Folly

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