Debitize Connects Your Credit Card to Your Bank Account So You Can Earn Rewards Responsibly

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There are advantages to regulating your credit label over a withdraw card, yet budgeting with a credit label can be trouble. One splurge or distortion and we could finish adult revolving your debt—not a intelligent move. Debitize, accessible for Web/ioS, lets we acquire rewards yet that risk.

Personally, we adore credit cards for a many benefits: giveaway transport rewards, cost protection, credit monitoring, and so on. we put usually about all on my label so we can acquire as many rewards as possible—it’s how I’ve paid for my transport over a past few years. Putting all on my label creates budgeting frustrating, though. My ubiquitous order is to never have some-more in my bank comment than we do on my card, and it works, yet since we have other losses that do come from my bank account, a routine is distant from perfect. In short, it’s tough to keep tabs on spending this way.


When we talked to Liran Amrany, a co-founder Debitize, he pronounced this was a primary reason he launched a service.

“I found this was flattering widespread. There are so many reasons to use credit cards yet no reasons to use withdraw cards. And this causes anxiety. We let we bond any credit label to checking account, so we can use any credit label like a withdraw card. You acquire rewards yet worrying about debt seductiveness or late fees. we don’t consider it should be that tough to be good during money.”

Debitize links your credit label to your bank comment so that anytime we appropriate your card, a same volume we spent is automatically deducted from your bank account. Debitize stores a income for we in a “Debitize Reserve Account” until it’s time to compensate your bill. This way, we can keep your spending in check yet still acquire rewards and use all a other advantages that come with a credit card.


The supports stored in your Debitize Reserve Account are FDIC-insured “with an determined and regulated bank for protected keeping,” a website reads. They’ll compensate your credit label check on your interest a week before your due date. You can also set a smallest change on your checking comment to safeguard you’ll always have adequate supports in it for other losses (or overdraft protection).

If we already have a credit label balance, you’ll wish to compensate it off in full before regulating a use usually to start from 0 and keep all organized. If you’re debt, though, we can use their “Debt Destroyer” Feature. You fundamentally set adult your Debitize comment to compensate down your debt over time (or during once). Just tell it to compensate a certain volume additional each month, and it will still withdraw your exchange yet afterwards also compensate down that additional amount.

As for security, they don’t store your information (or sell it), and they use 256-bit encryption to keep your information safe. If someone does penetrate your Debitize account, a worse they can do is see what you’ve spent income on, Amrany said. They don’t indeed entrance your comment numbers and information, usually your transactions.

So how does Debitize make income if they don’t sell your data? While they’re formulation to keep a simple use free, they are implementing opposite paid features. For example, we can pointer adult for their “Credit Optimizer” use for $3 a month and they’ll compensate down your change each week to keep your credit function low. Check a apparatus out for yourself during a links below.

Debitize (Web)

Debitize (Apple Store)

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