Chopsticks Are an Underrated Kitchen Tool 

Photo by Jessica Spengler.

Unless we are some arrange of hyper-organized Kondo type, it is expected your kitchen has a “junk drawer” and, among a ketchup and steep salsa packets, that there are a few pairs of chopsticks in there. It’s time to fish them out, friends, for chopsticks are an forever useful kitchen apparatus that can be used in roughly each theatre of creation a meal.

Basically, chopsticks are smaller, some-more accurate tongs, though their uses go over grabbing pieces of food. (As such, we always store any extras that come with my takeout.) Some of my favorite uses for chopsticks include:

  • Scrambling eggs: I’m a vast fan of custardy eggs with super little curds, and plain, wooden chopsticks assistance we grasp this though scratching your nonstick pan.
  • Cooking rice: Using only a chopstick, we can establish a accurate volume of H2O we need to supplement to your pot of rice to make certain it comes out ideally each time. (A.A. Newton can travel we by a routine here.)
  • Frying: When low frying, small pieces of food descending to a bottom of a vessel is rather inevitable, though they can be saved from their charred predestine with a common chopstick. (If removing your hands that tighten to oil creates we skittish, cruise grabbing an extra-long pair.)
  • Plating: Owning a span of plating tweezers is only a bit much, though artfully plating your food can indeed make it ambience better, and chopsticks concede we to place your culinary feats just so.
  • Checking in: Fishing out a singular noodle or cube of potato to exam for done-ness is some-more simply achieved with a integrate of nimble chopsticks than with a span of vast tongs.
  • Keeping clean: My fingers are short, chubby, and disposed to removing gummy when unprotected to food. As such, chopsticks are my elite process for fishing little pickles and olives out of jars, tossing salads, and even eating cheesy snacks.

Beyond all of these rather specialized uses, they’re also good food flippers. They also make flattering good skewers, and who doesn’t adore eating things off sticks? What are some of your favorite ways to use chopsticks in a kitchen?

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