Check Your Real-Life "Sims Bars" to Prevent a Meltdown

Image by Aaron Parecki

Maxis’s diversion The Sims teaches an critical doctrine about tellurian behavior: Most of a time, we’re only perplexing to accommodate a set of elementary needs. In a universe of a Sims, those needs are hunger, comfort, hygiene, bladder, energy, fun, social, and room, any represented by a solemnly exhausting bar. And they’re so loyal to life that we should check your possess before we leave home or start a prolonged trip.

Most of your morning slight is about gripping these bars out of a red before we conduct out: breakfast, a shower, selecting your clothes, loading a podcast to perform yourself on a train. But when you’re doing anything outward your normal routine, like a weekend journey or a flight, we competence forget these essentials (a famous psychological phenomenon).


So supplement a Sims needs to your “wallet, phone, keys” checklist before we leave home. Then cruise either you’ll be divided from food, water, or preserve for longer than usual, and container accordingly. Even that uncanny “room” need is real: see if we can measure an ascent on your craft seat.

Beyond a tangible problem of craving or discomfort, dull Sims bars are expected to make we grouchy or anxious. Like a H.A.L.T. triggers for mortal function (hungry, angry, lonely, tired), these paltry needs can expand into terrible decisions, generally when we misrepresent them. (I’m most some-more expected to get in an evidence when I’m sleepy and underfed, since my reticent mind turns “I’m hungry” into “I’m insane during my friend.”)


The list is simple, though a genuine work is in training yourself to commend these needs some-more often. Put a sign on your front door, or your lavatory mirror. Go by a checklist out shrill with your partner. Practice assembly any need in a same sequence each time, so remembering one always reminds we to do a others, like remembering a subsequent strain in your favorite playlist.

In The Sims, one resolution is mostly shopping something new. But a diversion doesn’t prerogative overspending. In genuine life, cruise either a glossy new thing we wish to buy will indeed fill one of those bars improved than something cheaper, or something we already own. Once we consider about your needs in a paltry terms of Sims bars, a lot of incentive purchases will feel silly.

We mostly consider of genuine life in game-like terms: “leveling up” a stuff, earning “points” with people. But a Sims teaches us that if life is a game, it’s not one of consistent ceiling course to an ultimate goal. It’s a diversion of nutritious yourself, adjusting to new events, and anticipating fortitude but stagnation.

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