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Hey there preppers! Remember when we talked about Doomsday Prepping for Non-Paranoid People? About how, in these capricious times, we should all have a well-stocked puncture kit, or in my case, an puncture cabinet? If we acquired a basis of water, food, and rigging 6 months ago, now is a a time to open your pack and check that your reserve are still functional, edible, and potable. You don’t wish to wish to be mid-disaster and comprehend your batteries leaked corroded crusty muck all over a Kind bars.

Take, for example, water. Here is an glorious pamphlet, that we should expected examination each 6 months, from FEMA on how to ready your food and H2O reserve in an emergency.


I store my H2O in Waterbricks, or hard-sided, rectangular, and stackable containers, since my prior H2O supply, gallon mammillae from a CVS, eventually leaked in my cabinet. (If we don’t wish to buy Waterbricks—I indispensable them since we live in an unit and need a space-efficient solution—you can rinse out and sanitize two-liter soda bottles—not divert or extract containers.) Replace a H2O each 6 months.

In addition, check that all else is present and in good operative order:

  • Do we still have adequate shelf-stable food for during slightest 3 days and ideally some-more like dual or 3 weeks? (Do we have a tiny additional for a assholes who pronounced “I’ll only come to your residence in an emergency”?)
  • Do we still have water-purification tablets and/or unscented bleach and a medicine dropper? And instructions on how most whiten per gallon? (Sixteen drops, or 1/8 teaspoon, per gallon of water. Stir and let mount for 30 minutes. If a H2O doesn’t smell somewhat of bleach, drop it. Write these instructions on a bottle in a Sharpie.)
  • Do we still have additional pet food or did we raid your reserve one Friday night when we were too idle to go to a store?
  • Do we still have an adequate first-aid kit, Tampax/pads, toilet paper, and palm sanitizer/baby wipes? (Has a latter dusty out?)
  • Have we non-stop or sealed any bank accounts, gotten a new driver’s license, or gotten married or divorced? Check your ziplock of xeroxes of your important docs to make certain you’ve got all critical papers.
  • Did we change out any prescription meds or lapsed birth control? Do we have OTC things we need (Claritin! Tylenol! Immodium!)?
  • Has your eyeglass medication changed? Put a new span of specs in your kit.
  • Are we newly obliged for an aged person? Do they need special gear, like meds, adult diapers, conference assist batteries, or colostomy supplies?
  • Do we still have adequate blankets for a winter trance or no-heat situation? You didn’t squeeze one for guest and displace it, did you? Rain gear/cold-weather gear/sun hat still in place?
  • Are your batteries uncorroded and working? Does your radio and cell charger work?
  • Do we still have a paper maps for removing where we need to go? Is your puncture plan still a same (e.g., you’re all assembly during Aunt Rita’s?)
  • Is your work “go-bag” still total for if we need to travel home or preserve during work for a day or dual (e.g., food, water, blanket, candle, comfortable clothes, object hat, maps, sneakers, a phone charger, a book, meds, cash, papers in a ziplock, dirt mask, a whistle, rabble bag, TP, wipes, toothbrush and paste, radio, batteries?)
  • For that matter, is your home “go bag” still sufficient packed? How about your car “go bag”?
  • Still have a can opener, application knife, flashlight, candles, matches in a ziplock, and duct tape? (No kids have squirrelled these divided for their reticent tiny child games?)
  • Have we combined a baby to your household? Has your baby grown? Do we have a appropriate-size diapers and formula and bottles (even if you’re EBF)? Do we need baby food?
  • Cash in tiny bills? we know we raided my accumulate of money and it’s time to replenish.
  • Still have a deck of cards and adequate chocolate? Better eat what we have and buy some more, only to be safe.

And now, I’ll supplement one some-more thing to a list: that FEMA pamphlet. Print it out and fasten it to your kit. And congrats! See we in 6 months.


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