Bike Showdown: Which Easy-to-Build, Low-Maintenance Bike Should You Buy?

It’s finally summer, so it’s time to bound on a bike and roving around your neighborhood. One of a quickest (and cheapest) ways we can do this is to buy one of a many low-maintenance bikes we can find online for super cheap. There are a garland to select from, though we’ve motionless to concentration on dual in sold that use belt drives—an additional durable member that replaces a customary steel sequence and lasts many longer.

The initial bike we looked during is a Ikea Sladda. It costs $499 and comes with a good far-reaching support with good change and is done to fit a largest series of people possible. The bike comes flat-packed and ships with a set of instructions that are (predictably) confusing. It reminds me a lot of a New York Citi Bike and operates in many a same way.

The Ikea Sladda costs $499

The second is a Priority Bicycles Classic Plus. It costs $449 and comes with a many thinner, lighter frame. It has kind of an old-timey demeanour and an glorious branch radius that creates it unequivocally easy to control. The bike comes with usually a few lax tools and videos that travel users by accurately how to build it.

Building a Bikes

The Sladda comes with 9 tools total: mudguard, front tire, handlebars, dual pedals, seat, front reflector, and back reflector. The instructions don’t have any words—in customary Ikea fashion—so you’ll substantially have to spend a few mins looking closely during opposite sections to make certain everything’s lined adult right. we managed to put a handlebars on retrograde even after double- and triple-checking my work.



The Priority Classic Plus is many easier to build and takes about half a time to assemble. It ships with usually a integrate of lax parts: a handlebars, seat, front circle and pedals. The usually bizarre fact is that it doesn’t come with any printed instructions. Instead, business are destined to this video that walks them by a process. It’s overtly unequivocally tough to disaster up, and should be no problem for anyone who’s ever hold a wrench.

Winner: Priority Bicycles Classic Plus

Finding a ideal ride

Alright, so after we built a bikes, it was time to take them for a spin. we took both out for a float over a Manhattan Bridge on a 8.5-mile outing home. It’s a track I’ve taken on several opposite bikes now and has turn a easiest approach to highlight exam a bike uphill, downhill, and during (practically) max speed.


The Ikea Sladda performs intensely good on prosaic ground. we was astounded by how quick we could get a bike moving, and a automatically changeable gears didn’t bug me so many while we was accidentally rolling down a street. Going ascending is an wholly opposite story. The pedals burst into a reduce rigging when they feel some-more resistance, and it can be jarring when you’re climbing a large incline. The awkwardness of a auto-shifting gears was a biggest pain indicate for me.

I wouldn’t suggest a Sladda for city roving since it’s a small wider than many other bikes on a street, and it’s also many heavier. In parsimonious situations, we could simply suppose a Sladda being tough to control.

The Priority Classic Plus is many easier to control since it’s significantly lighter (25 pounds vs. 33 pounds), has a many tighter branch radius, and has a customary handlebar shifter that gives we some-more control over a rigging you’re in. Side by side, my friends and colleagues have all been astounded by how many lighter a Classic Plus is and how many easier it is to ride.

Winner: Priority Bicycles Classic Plus

Bottom line

In this case, it’s a no-brainer. The Priority Classic Plus is not usually easier to build, lighter, and some-more fun to float than a Ikea Sladda—it’s also cheaper by $50.

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