Ask The Salty Waitress: How shitty is it to ask for mixed separate checks? 

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Are we a server’s misfortune calamity yet even meaningful it? We’re here to help. The Salty Waitress is The Takeout’s recommendation mainstay from a real-life waitress that will learn we how not to act like a rubbish chairman while dining out—and maybe in genuine life.

Dear Salty Waitress,

Every now and afterwards we like dining out with my friends and given nothing of us are accurately bringing in a vast bucks to compensate for a whole dinner, customarily we wish to apart a check somehow. Generally it’s not ideal to apart it evenly, given nobody likes carrying to compensate for somebody else’s super costly dish while they dined on something many some-more modest. I’ve listened a best thing in this conditions is to ask for apart checks before ordering, yet we flattering many always forget to do that. we have one crony who always insists on essay a names on a credit cards subsequent to a equipment we systematic so a server can sequence it up, yet that seems like a hulk rubbish of time and appetite for a server. What would be a custom in this situation: Suck it up, risk ruining some friendships, and apart a check evenly? Everyone using to a nearest ATM to get cash? Or only be assholes and ask for newly distributed individualized bills (and tip extra, of course)?


Confused and Guilty

Dear Confused,

What’s this new toll in my ears? You contingency have strike a nerve. You know, some nights we servers arise adult in a cold persperate after that repeated dream where a list of 20 hands us a cruise basket’s value of credit cards. Terrifying stuff.

But confused and guilty is no approach to live life, sugar, so let’s arrange this by for your consequence and mine.

In an ideal world, here’s how a unfolding above would go down: You and your cackle of pals would all revisit a ATM before cooking and come prepared to compensate your possess way. But this is 2018 and no one has cash, and my crow’s feet demeanour like a Grand Canyon, and life is imperfect.

So, take two: we know we all wish to compensate for only your portions, and it’s many available if we can ask for apart checks before we order. (This is also something a savvy server like myself will ask a vast celebration if they forget to discuss it.)


But contend you’ve upheld that point. You’ve drank a wine; you’ve eaten a bruschetta; we all common dual cannoli. we pierce we a check, and we all wish it divvied up.

It’s fundamentally a time government emanate for your server some-more than anything. They’ve got to run all a cards and put a checks in those small menu thingies that always seem to have greasy fingerprints on them from a final guest, so now they’ve got to clean those down, too.

The best pierce we can make here is only to kind, palm a cards to your server, and discuss that you’ll be studious in watchful for him or her to come back. Having a incomparable list say, “Oh, we’re indeed going to need apart checks” when we have food and drinks failing in a window is a certain approach to provoke your server. So only be patient, if possible, while we get around to those cards.


You can also assistance us out by doing a math yourselves, like we mentioned. Include a tip territory for any portion, too, given that could assistance depending on a restaurant’s POS (point of sale) system. You and your friends have some-more giveaway time to do your possess calculations than a bustling server, so doing a math saves your server time. Be prepared for us to take a notation and double-check your figures, though, given we saw your crony Stephanie unequivocally going tough on that pinot grigio.

Bottom line, we don’t unequivocally need to feel bad seeking for a apart tab, Confused. Just remember a golden rule: Your server has other people to take caring of, too. Maybe tip a sire or 5 extra, depending on how many splits there are, as you’re only incited a single, discerning transaction into several, time-consuming transactions. Bon appetit, sweetie.

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