Ask Dr. NerdLove: My Coworker Won’t Stop Negging Me

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Hello all we happy glossy debase people of a Internets, and acquire to Ask Dr. NerdLove, a customarily dating recommendation mainstay left station in a Shatterdome.

This week we’re articulate about a astonishing twists and turns life throws your way. What do we do when we accommodate someone who competence be ideal for you… though they’re conflicting from literally everybody you’ve ever dated? And what happens when someone we suspicion was your crony astonishing turns on we like a bad tuna sandwich?


Man skeleton and a gods laugh, so forget what we were going to do and customarily puncture into these letters instead.

Hey Dr. Nerdlove!

I’m a large fan of your mainstay and advice, so we figured I’d write in to get your thoughts given my friends haven’t been most assistance lately. So I’ve been singular for about 2 years and to be honest, I’m sleepy of it. In a dual years I’ve been singular I’ve left on dates here and there around set-ups by friends or girls I’ve met during cons or whatever, though we never unequivocally clicked with anyone. About a month ago a crony of cave talked me into perplexing Tinder (which we overtly cruise of as a solitude for bots and hookups) though we figured WTH.

A integrate days in, we compare with this lady (we’ll call her Farrah) and we pronounce for about a week and confirm to meetup. And we indeed strike it off unequivocally well. She’s super humorous and chill. And when we were removing a common “first date” questions out of a proceed it wasn’t like pulling teeth. She was unequivocally easy to pronounce to and we have a ton in common. we cruise we finished adult staying out for something crazy like 7 hours that night. And we’ve been texting ever given and left on maybe 5 or 6 dates now and we unequivocally like her. There’s customarily one small problem…she’s not unequivocally my type.

And by that we mean…she isn’t a form of lady we customarily go for. For one I’m Korean and all my exes in a past have been Asian. Farrah, on a other hand, is black. While I’m not extremist and would cruise myself “woke”, and she does pronounce Korean, we can’t assistance though worry about how my relatives would potentially conflict to anticipating out. I’ve never antiquated a non-Asian and we have customarily listened fear stories from friends who have attempted to move one home. Not to discuss I’m uncertain if she’d feel gentle being around my crony organisation given like 95% of a people we hang out with are Asian as well. Then there’s a fact that we customarily go for some-more petite girls…and Farrah is what we would call chubby. That’s not to contend I’m not captivated to her. It indeed astounded me how physically into her we was when we initial met, given I’m not typically into girls that demeanour like her we guess.

When we kind of brought it adult to one of my friends (who has seen us together given we bumped into him and his GF when we were out on a date once) he commented on how he suspicion we demeanour arrange of humorous together. And my roommate says he thinks that I’m customarily subconsciously perplexing to date someone conflicting of my ex, given she cheated on me after 3 years of being together, and that being captivated to Farrah is customarily a phase. And a few some-more of my friends have customarily been kind of poking fun during a conditions and have been pursuit me corpulent chaser now. And while I’m not unequivocally a form of chairman to caring about what other people cruise of me…every time someone we know says something like this…it gets underneath my skin.

I’m not used to this most courtesy being placed on me or a lady I’m dating…and it’s weirding me out. Because of that I’ve been kind of pulling divided from Farrah and we don’t know where to go from here. Part of me customarily thinks we should learn to understanding and tell everybody to mind their possess business…and another partial of me doesn’t know if we wish a combined stress. we also don’t wish to potentially remove vicious people or relations with a people in my life over a lady that we customarily met.

But we also don’t wish to seem like a d**k to Farrah given she unequivocally is an overwhelming lady (She’s one of a best widowmaker players I’ve ever met) and we do unequivocally like her.

Am we customarily being overly dramatic? Do we cruise there is effect to what my roommate thinks? Is it uncanny to incidentally be so captivated to someone who is zero like what we routinely like?

Out Of His Element

Funny thing about “types”, OOHE, is that we mostly have dual of them. There’s a form that we cruise we’re supposed to have… and afterwards there’re a people who we’re indeed attracted to.


Your story is indeed flattering common; we confirm to date a small outward of your comfort section of a “acceptable” form of chairman and we astonishing comprehend that you’re removing along with this new chairman like a residence on fire. Now you’re wondering what a ruin is going on. Why do we like this chairman when you’ve spent so prolonged fondness this other, totally different form of person?

And a answer is “socialization is a motherfucker”. A lot of a time, a “type” isn’t who we indeed wish though who we’ve been told we want.

We all adore to cruise that we’re imperishable individualists who’re too strong-willed and intelligent to be manipulated by a media and by advertising… and afterwards a multi-billion dollar attention on Madison Avenue laughs and lights another cigar with a c-note before stubbing it out on a travel urchin.

We get bombarded any day with hundreds of messages – of varying levels of sophistication – about who we’re ostensible to find appealing or what physique form we’re ostensible to be into or what we should design from an ideal relationship. Some of it is overt, some of it is covert. Some of it comes from a media… and a lot of it comes from a peers.

Case in point: you’re dating Farrah. And while she’s physically not what you’re used to, it’s flattering transparent that she’s right for we in a whole lot of ways, quite a ways that matter. After all, harmony isn’t customarily about physique form or sex drive, it’s about how good we dual synch. It’s about a values we share and a interests we pursue. And – customarily as importantly: it’s about how she creates we feel when you’re with her.

And from all you’ve said: she creates we feel great. You’re even realizing that you’re captivated to a lady who’s a small bigger than what we’re told is “acceptable”. This happens to people any day; they start to comprehend that what they indeed wish is conflicting from what they thought they want. And if they’re intelligent about it and emotionally mature about it, they make a composition and everyone’s happy.


All of this is given your problem isn’t with your girlfriend, OOHE. Your problem is with your fears… and with your asshole friends. Making fun of we for dating someone who’s not fashionably skinny? Not cool. Telling we that you’re customarily into her given she’s a conflicting of your intrigue ex? Not fucking cool. Telling an interracial integrate “Yeaaaaah we dual demeanour humorous together?” Really not cool.

(And really, deliberation that your ex treated we so badly… maybe dating someone unlike her is exactly what we fucking need.)

It’s not startling that it gets underneath your skin. These are people whose opinions are presumably vicious to you, people who are ostensible to caring for we and support we and have your back… and they’re giving we shit instead of being blissful we found someone you’re into. By creation jokes about your dating someone who’s large and pleasing instead of a socially “ideal” type, they’re drumming into a lot of a governmental jive that surrounds being complicated and leveraging that amicable vigour opposite you. Social vigour like that is tough to ignore. It’s no consternation that we feel uncanny about it all.


Now, here’s my question. You know you’ve got something good with Farrah. You suffer a time we spend with her and you’re captivated to her physically. You’ve got that earthy and regretful chemistry that creates a commencement of a attribute so most fun.

So why, in pluperfect Hell, are we going to toss that away? Because your friends are being dicks about it? Fuck them. They can get with a module or they can get a ruin out of your way. This is a time when some clever bounds and an rejection to take shit is going to be important.

You guys demeanour humorous together.” Well, get fucking used to it, given she’s overwhelming and we like her. “This is customarily a phase.” Did we ask we for your opinion? “You a corpulent chaser now?” I like her, so presumably get over it or fuck off into a sea. Stand your ground. They can presumably be happy for we and adjust their attitudes, or they can piss off and we can find improved friends.


And what about your parents? It can be a legitimate worry – some people customarily aren’t gentle with interracial relationships. But afterwards again, your relatives competence good warn you, too. But a fact of a matter is: it’s way a ruin too early to be disturbed about your relatives and her parents. You’ve been on a handful of dates together; you’ve got a while before it’s time to accommodate a parents.

However, your worries about a destiny are fucking adult your present. You don’t know how they’re going to feel about we dating someone who’s not Asian. All you’re doing is raised formed off of scuttle-butt and misfortune box scenarios, and in doing so, you’re borrowing difficulty from a destiny that competence never come.

The best thing we can do right now is customarily be and let a destiny take caring of itself. By a time we get there, you’ll know if this attribute is one that’s meant to be brief term, as many are, or if it has long-term potential. And if it’s a latter? Then we can cranky that overpass when we come to it.


But in a meantime: enjoy what we have. It sounds like you’ve got a good thing here. Don’t let cloudy fears and assholery grub it away.

Good luck.

Hi Dr NerdLove,

First of all, appreciate we so most for your site and for all your wise, courteous words. As a lady it is unequivocally poetic to review receptive and deferential recommendation about dating where vicious things like bounds and liberty are not treated like luscious hurdles that simply form partial of a ‘game’.

You write a lot about how not to be a red-piller, given not to neg women or hatred them customarily for not smooching we or wanting to be zero some-more than friends. we am essay to ask for tips on how, as a receiver of these behaviours, to pronounce to a chairman who is operative this way.

I am in a gummy conditions with my colleague. we haven’t been during a association prolonged and when we initial assimilated he and we immediately had to work unequivocally closely together given we’re a customarily dual developers operative on a side of a project. We got to know any other, had tons in common, and before prolonged there was a lot of flirting going on — mutual we competence add, and zero that felt like it was channel a line. We hung out outward of work a few times and there were unequivocally a integrate of ‘moments’ though zero ever ‘happened’ given I’m a unequivocally shaken chairman when it comes to romance-y things and it wouldn’t have been a biggest thought to rivet in hanky panky deliberation how closely we have to work together. Then we went on holiday for a integrate of weeks; all was good.

When we came back, his poise was astonishing unfriendly, bold and aggressive, and it’s been removing worse ever since. He’s sinister to me and vicious of all we do, not customarily in terms of my work though also my celebrity and habits and tastes and, well, everything. It certain feels a lot like negging in that even when things are going good and we are removing on okay/I haven’t finished anything to parasite him off, he will astonishing move out a masked insult to put me behind down. A integrate of times we have asked him what is going on, and a integrate of times we have told him he is upsetting me and we don’t find his tinge or illogical accusations to be appropriate, though he will always giggle and credit me of being oversensitive, holding veteran feedback distant too privately or unwell to understanding with constructive criticism.

I don’t wish to make assumptions or come opposite as arrogant, though we am wondering either he had some kind of realization while we was divided that we weren’t going to get together and became indignant during a world, and by prolongation me, for not giving him a lady he wanted and/or did all that tough work flirting for. we can’t cruise of any other reason given he would so suddenly start operative so unpleasantly.

It bothers me a lot given it feels like consistent attacks all day any day, when we am perplexing my best to do my pursuit in a comparatively new role. I’m a unequivocally uncertain chairman and his comments unequivocally harm me, generally deliberation how personal they feel given that we started out on a trail to during slightest a good friendship. we am as unhappy as he competence be that a frisson fizzled out, and we have attempted to uncover him that we wish us to be on good terms nonetheless, though he knocks down any try during friendship or assent offerings. He seems to get off on knocking me down in general, as cuttingly as possible. Nothing we contend seems to get by to him.

So what proceed can we take to ask him to stop and during slightest try to be civil? How do we dig a wall of hatred and rancour that he has erected opposite me? How can we pronounce about a issues surrounding a wily relationship/romantic tensions though him bursting (he has a unequivocally brief temper) or gaslighting me? Can we (please, lord) equivocate removing a trainer involved?

To be clear: his poise has put out any regretful hint there competence have been between us and I’d rather date a malfunctioning round saw taped to an indignant bear now that we have seen this side of him. Nonetheless, we have to work with him on an during slightest neutral basement in sequence to not feel like s**t during a finish of any week.

Thanks in allege if we are means to contend something about this conditions or in ubiquitous give recommendation for those of us on staring down a tub of people like this.

First of all, I’m contemptible that you’re going by this. However, we do cruise that we should be congratulated given we unequivocally clearly dodged a bullet in dating such a poetic specimen. This is sounding unequivocally most like a box of Crouching Nice Guy, Hidden Douchebag. Since he couldn’t infer a lover, he’s motionless to instead infer a villain.


Which is to say: yeah, it sounds like he’s pissed that he couldn’t get into your pants and now he’s lashing out during you. Unfortunately, if that’s a box and he’s let his beating in adore thicken into annoy and bitterness… well, there’s unequivocally not going to be any articulate about your issues. Especially if bringing adult a theme triggers his temper.

He’s done it transparent that he has no seductiveness in perplexing to arrange this out like courteous people. So a doubt afterwards becomes: can he be a veteran and customarily do his job, or is this going to ceaselessly be a thing.

And there’s a rub. Because as most as we know we don’t wish to get your trainer involved… we competence need to do so, if customarily so we can safety your possess career. If your veteran attribute is stretched to a indicate that it’s inspiring your opening during work, afterwards you’re risking your pursuit and that’s not gonna fly. So during a unequivocally least, we competence wish to give your trainer a heads adult about what’s happening. And if we do so, we will wish to request it extensively – note down times he’s approached you, what he said, what you said, etc. This is a arrange of function starts to plead a difference “creating a antagonistic work environment” and that is a word that creates people lay adult and take notice. Your trainer competence or competence not select to umpire directly, or they competence give we a choice of creation a parallel transformation during work and not carrying to correlate with your former friend. Yeah, it sucks to have to go using to a higher-ups… though that’s still going to siphon reduction than being unemployed.


Meanwhile, we will approach we to what I’ve told other people who’ve dealt with nuisance from friends and frenemies: boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. If we presumably can, keep your conversations with him particularly about work and particularly about a matter during hand. If he veers off into other areas, drag it behind to a evident topic. If he starts removing insulting, afterwards leave if we can. If we can’t, afterwards put adult a Wall of Out of Fucks. He’s not responding to consideration or appeals to decent behavior, so it’s time to stop being polite. When he insults your work, tell him that if we wanted his opinion, you’d ask someone else. If he tells we that you’re being oversensitive, tell him that he’s being an asshole. If he says we can’t hoop veteran feedback, tell him that he’s not even somewhat professional.

But if during all possible, don’t rivet and don’t listen. Not given we “won’t give him a satisfaction” though given responding to him in any proceed besides dismissing him sets a support that he has a point. If you’re arguing that you’re not oversensitive, afterwards you’ve put yourself into a position where his perspective has validity. If we disagree about his critique of your work, you’re observant that he could have a point.

So cut off that line of conflict by simply never giving him that authority. That’s given The Wall of Out of Fucks is important. It robs him of his energy to harm we given it creates his opinion invalid. It’s your Tibalt opposite his Capo Ferro. It’s your deflector defense opposite his turbodouche lasers. The reduction we let him set a terms, a reduction energy he has to harm you.


It won’t repair things… though it can during slightest keep we going until one of we gets eliminated to a conflicting project.

Good luck.

Did we tumble for someone totally unexpected? Did we understanding with a sour former friend? Share your thoughts and practice in a comments. And meanwhile, we’ll be behind with some-more of your questions in dual weeks.

Ask Dr. Nerdlove is Kotaku’s bi-weekly dating column, hosted by a one and customarily Harris O’Malley, AKA Dr. NerdLove. Got a doubt you’d like answered? and put “Kotaku” in a theme line


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