Action Camera Showdown: GoPro vs Smartphones

Hitting a slopes is cool, yet pity a first-person perspective of we throwing some ill atmosphere is even cooler. While everybody fancies themselves a intensity X-Games competitor when they tag a camera to their face, not everybody requires a continuance that a sport-friendly movement cam provides. For many of us, a answer to throwing clips of cold tricks or excursions by nature’s loftiness competence be inside your smartphone. So, that one works best for you?



Smartphones are mostly lauded for their detailed capability. Apple uses images shot on iPhones in a possess advertisements, veteran photographers have incited to smartphones to constraint stills and video where incomparable cameras are a hindrance, and some incomparable smartphones have facilities like visual picture stabilization, or twin cameras. There’s also a undoubted shit-ton of accessories to select from, yet many are universal, designed to fit a accumulation of smartphones, and competence be of controversial peculiarity when it comes to cheaper options.


The GoPro movement cam has spin synonymous with first-person video showcasing extraordinary tricks from a universe of impassioned sports. At a same time, GoPro cameras mounted on bicycle helmets, skateboard decks, or dog harnesses let people record a some-more paltry tools of their lives. GoPro cameras are compact, concordant with tons of accessories, and record video during a accumulation of resolutions and framerates—great for capturing fast-paced action.

GoPro: A Hammer For Your Action-Packed Nails

GoPro cameras are dedicated video recorders, and built to hoop a stresses of an active lifestyle. Additionally, their small distance and flexibility make them ideal for capturing impassioned sports: we can mountain it on your bike helmet, your DJI drone, a side of your car, even on tip of your dog. They’re some-more compress than a smartphone, that has a really large, really brittle shade by comparison.


Be prepared to dump during slightest $150 on a cheapest GoPro camera, a Hero Session, that annals adult to 1440p fortitude during 30 frames per second, or 1080p during 60 frames per second. You can step adult to a Hero5 Session, that annals 4K video, for $299. The top-tier movement cam, a Hero5 Black, annals 4K video as well, and facilities a small touchscreen (it’s also $399).

As for accessories, it depends on what you’re looking to do with your camera. You can find helmet mounts trimming in cost from $20 to $50, dog strap mounts for around $40, and bicycle handlebar mounts for $60, should we select to squeeze GoPro-made accessories. You could emporium around, yet we wouldn’t try to save a sire or dual when it comes to securing a camera value a few hundred bucks. Sites like Amazon have cheaper options, yet they’re mostly from brands you’ve substantially never listened of, and while they might have a ton of certain reviews, many of them are substantially fake.

Smartphones: Versatile, But Fragile

What’s good about a smartphone is, well, we substantially have one. Whether it’s a code new iPhone 8, able of recording in 4K, or a Nexus 5 from 2013, that has visual picture stabilization, we can get some flattering high peculiarity video from a device in your pocket, or even your junk drawer.


You shouldn’t squeeze a smartphone exclusively for movement camera action, yet it’s a flattering organic substitute. That HD camera, total with a preference of video-editing apps, means we can record, edit, and upload your stunts all from a same device, rather than depending on dual inclination to hoop a job. Larger smartphones, like a iPhone 7 Plus, underline visual picture stabilization as well, so your videos won’t demeanour too choppy.

If we already have a smartphone, branch it into an movement camera is flattering easy: only buy a case, a mount, and open your camera app. If you’re looking for a sold GoPro mountain (like one for your dog) you’ll find a analogous chronicle for your mobile device. You’ll need a box that can fit inside a mounts, yet companies like Otterbox make cases with ascent capabilities that are designed to take a tumble. Of course, if we strike a cement along with your Pixel in a wrong way, there’s a small possibility your shade will spin into a kaleidoscope of tone and damaged glass. Seems a small risky.

Verdict: Got a Cash? Get a GoPro

In a end, a compress size, durability, and single-purpose use box of a GoPro movement camera make it a ideal movement camera, even when you’ve got a phone in your pocket. Its one-touch recording capabilities make it elementary to squeeze and go, and you’re firm to tatter reduction about it descending on a pavement when compared to your thin, action-averse smartphone in a massive case. If income is a concern, buy a helmet mountain for your device and exam it out, during slightest to see if we like it. But if you’re doing anything some-more than roving your bike to work, and wish to constraint a spectacle, get yourself a GoPro and go large (or go home).

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