5 Savory Ways to Season Watermelon

Photo by Rameez Sadikot.

I don’t know if it’s a Southern thing, or a specific-to-my-grandmother thing, though we grew adult eating a lot of melon for dessert, and it always, always, always was served with a trace of salt.

As a child, we didn’t know why salt was such a required partial of my family’s melon-eating—turns out it enhances aromas and reduces bitterness—but we knew that we liked it, and we knew that watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew felt exposed but a small bit of sodium chloride.

This affinity for salting a summery fruit led to serve experimentation, quite in a box of watermelon, that resulted in pairing a honeyed fruit with a accumulation of other dishes and flavorings. The pivotal to a good pairing? There contingency always be a salty component, differently a whole thing will ambience flat. Here are a few of my faves:


  • Watermelon + Feta + Red Onion + Red Wine Vinegar: Cut a melon into brick and tip with crumbled feta and really thinly-sliced onion. Drizzle on some vinegar, toss, and let everybody get to know any other in a fridge until good chilled.
  • Watermelon + Prosciutto + Mint: Wrap melon spears in slices of prosciutto. Place on a platter and shower finely chopped uninformed packet on top.
  • Watermelon + Lime + Chili Powder + Salt: Squeeze uninformed orange extract over melon wedges and deteriorate with chili powder and salt to taste. (Bonus: Soak a melon in tequila a night before.)
  • Watermelon + Basil + Fresh Mozzarella + Olive Oil + Balsamic + Salt: Cube or round melon and toss with ripped basil leaves, small uninformed mozz balls, oil, and vinegar. Season with large flakes of crunchy Maldon.
  • Watermelon + Fish Sauce + Rice Vinegar + Ginger + Peanuts: Whisk equal tools fish salsa and rice vinegar with fresh, microplaned ginger. Toss with melon cubes and tip with peanuts.

If all of that is too most bid for these breathless summer months, only strech for a salt shaker. we guarantee we will not be disappointed.

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