11 Career Paths for New Grads Who Hate Offices

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A lot of people like operative though hatred offices: They can’t mount worried clothes, or being inside all day, or a forced sociability around a H2O cooler. we am one of those people. It’s a predictability that bothers me—there’s something about meaningful where you’re going to be, each singular day solely weekends and holidays, that in my opinion is usually a roadmap to a grave.

Fortunately, I’ve always been means to make a vital in fields not tied to offices, and that kind of coherence is even some-more accessible to immature people these days: “We are saying a welfare to work remotely, or in a gig economy, and that’s generally loyal for young, prepared millennials in cities—and that’s customarily a initial place we see a expansion of a economy,” says Andrew Hanson, a comparison investigate researcher during a Center for Education and a Workforce during Georgetown University.

So that got me thinking: What are a best fields for people who don’t wish to be tied to a desk?

According to Anna Bray, a career advisor during Jody Michaels Associates, a Chicago-based organisation that provides career coaching, that answer mostly depends on why we don’t wish to work in an office: Are we not a mechanism person, though still like operative with a team? Is it travelling that bugs you? Is it something as apparently teenager as spending a day underneath fluorescent lights? Bray says, “Some people don’t wish to be tied to a desk, and some people wish to be outdoor or during slightest have some outdoor elements in their day.”

Bray spends her day teasing out a nitty-gritty of accurately how people wish to spend their operative lives and what they’re perplexing to avoid, and infrequently her clients warn themselves (and her) by stumbling on career paths they never knew existed. If you, or your kid, are casting about for direction, cruise a ideas below, culled from a Bureau of Labor Statistics’ ratings for “outdoor work” and “general earthy activity” and from a contention with Andrew Hanson. For good measure, I’ve enclosed BLS’s practice outlook—but take this with a pellet of salt. It projects that a margin of “actor” will boost by 10%, faster than a inhabitant average, and we can’t see enlivening a child to get into museum by revelation them that it’s a stout career.

Gardening, grounds-keeping, and hothouse and hothouse managers

Nursery and hothouse handling has a “bright outlook” rating from a Bureau of Labor Statistics, and a 96 out of a 100 rating for work finished out of doors. Landscaping and groundskeeping is 100 out of 100 and also enjoys a splendid outlook. Grounds upkeep is projected to grow by 7%, or about average, by 2024. If you’re a green-thumb kind of chairman and like being outside, this competence be a career for you.


Hospitality, or operative in restaurants, hotels, and traveller destinations, is for those grads who dislike bureau jobs though are still flattering amicable and like being partial of a team. BLS rates that camp managers have a pursuit expansion during about 8%, or about average, by 2024. The Cornell School of Hotel Management offers undergrad and connoisseur degrees in hotel management, that will give a applicant a leg up. (One note: liberality doesn’t tend to be unequivocally recession-proof.)


If you’re doctor, a nurse, a physician’s assistant, an occupational therapist, a speech-language pathologist, and so on, we could spend a lot of time in an office, if we wish to. But we can also be in a sanatorium setting, a school, or on a go as an EMT or paramedic. “Healthcare is a fastest-growing zone over a final decade,” says Hanson. “Nursing is outrageous and one of a many lucrative. And some of a associated health fields (respiratory therapists, phlebotomists, etc.) don’t need bachelor’s degrees.”



Most practicing medical professionals aren’t desk-bound. BLS rates EMT/paramedic as 96 out of 100 for outdoor work and it has a splendid outlook—24%, or most faster than average. Physical therapy is even brighter, during 34% by 2024, and physician’s partner clocks in during 30%.

Construction and a trades

Want to be outward and not be worried with water-cooler chat? “Even with a decrease in manufacturing, there are still a lot of blue-collar jobs,” says Hanson. “Many do need some post-secondary education, like a certificate, or if we wish to be a supervisor, you’ll need a bachelor’s or an MBA.” Or be a roofer, to that BLS assigns a “bright outlook” and records that we will be outward each singular day. Because you’re putting on a roof! My family was in construction trades; usually a other day we was wailing my desk-bound pursuit and wishing we spent some-more time sitting on a roof. There aren’t a lot of women represented, though that’s changing: There are programs that prepared women for non-traditional practice and a supervision sponsors purebred apprenticeships for a learned trades.

Mechanics also get to equivocate a bureau and work with their hands; if we had a mechanically inclined, office-averse kid, I’d advise they demeanour into being a wind-turbine use technician.


Teaching, during a K-12 turn and beyond, is good for people who wish to be partial of an establishment and a village though don’t wish to be trapped during a mechanism filing TPS reports. Both facile and high propagandize teachers have an normal pursuit outlook, and a margin of post-secondary training is projected to grow 13%, faster than average—though it is remarkable that employing approaching will be for part-time faculty. Adapted earthy preparation teachers (creating and exercise a PE curriculum for children with disabilities) has a quite splendid outlook.


Conservation scientists and foresters have an normal pursuit opinion and good ratings on BLS for outdoor work. This sounds quite overwhelming if you’re an outdoorsy, tree-hugger kind of person, and are peaceful to play on there indeed being forests and parks in a few years.


I once knew a family of margin biologists who spent half a year on investigate expeditions and a other half training and essay for grants. It seemed like a flattering good life (one was a pleasant sea biologist, if we wish to feel some vital envy.) BLS has environmental scientists and specialists during an 11% expansion (faster than average) and zoologist and wildlife biologist during 4% growth, or slower than average. But if you’re selecting between scholarship and acting, I’m going to contend scholarship is substantially a safer bet.

Travel and transportation

Bus drivers and truckers are projected to grow during about an normal rate, so if you’re excellent with a sitting though still not generally social, this could be a pursuit for you. (It looks like not a few truckers transport with a co-driver and their dogs, that competence be an upside.) Flight attendants apparently don’t work in an office, though nonetheless have to be social, wear worried clothes, are not outside, and positively have commutes. BLS projects their pursuit rate during 2%, that is not terrific, though on a flip side, we get to see a lot of cold places.

Police work/fire fighters/law enforcement

A good understanding of law coercion is paperwork, though one is also out and about in a community. It’s stressful and perfectionist work, and BLS projects it will grow during 4% (slower than average) though records that “the continued enterprise for open reserve is approaching to lead to new openings for officers, nonetheless direct competence change by location.” Police work also offers a event for charitable and amicable work that shapes open policy: we was intrigued to see this story on how military officers are fighting a opioid widespread by regulating some-more benevolent and community-oriented strategies than mass arrests.


The sell zone has grown as a prolongation zone has declined, says Hanson, though while there are a lot of jobs, they aren’t indispensably good jobs. Retail workers haven’t benefitted from a insurance of unions a approach that prolongation workers did. “You have to be a luminary to get a good pursuit in retail,” he says, “but there are still a lot of good jobs in supervision and finance.” So if we like retail—being on your feet, assisting people, operative with a team—and feel like this a career for you, we competence wish to 1) get a bachelor’s or MBA that will assistance we pierce adult a ranks, or 2) get unequivocally good during kinship organizing. Even a new moves toward augmenting a smallest wage, Hanson says, “is not a surrogate for a kinship wage.” The sell zone is projected to grow during 7%, or an normal rate, by 2024.

The arts

No, not being a theatre actor. But according to Hanson, “We’re saying a arise of video and film outward of a vital prolongation companies”—from advocacy groups to media organizations to advertising. He records that a people stuffing these jobs are not usually artistic forms (arts and film majors), though also “a lot of folks with communications backgrounds, or amicable media selling backgrounds.” If a pursuit seeker wants mix artistic skills, teamwork, and digital film and TV experience, this competence be a trail for them. BLS puts film and video editors and camera operators during an 11%, or above average, growth.



So here’s something interesting: When we asked Hanson and Bray their one square of recommendation for pursuit seekers, they both pronounced a same thing: Be flexible. Bray had a customer who didn’t wish to be tied to an bureau who came adult with dual equally engaging career paths for himself: green-energy jobs, or opening adult a bar/restaurant end in a Caribbean. (My opinion is: Always take a career trail that puts we in a Caribbean.) Another client, a games aficionado, is perplexing out conceptualizing and handling shun rooms. Bray says, “have fun with a process. The some-more we relax into it and have fun, a some-more possibilities will start to exist.”

Hanson counsels a identical mindset, with a combined premonition to maybe usually forget about a whole “passion” thing: “Our disposition is to ‘follow your passion,’ though when we enter a workplace, we get astounded during a day-to-day grub of it. Passion builds over time when we do something you’re good at. Be prepared to be surprised, to be flexible. Do something that can yield value for others.”


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