10 Useful Windows 10 Features You Probably Never Use But Should

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Windows has been knocking around in some form or another for a grand sum of 32 years now, and in that time it’s amassed a lot of features—not only a newest bells and whistles yet long-standing facilities we competence have mislaid about or never even detected in a initial place. Here are 10 unequivocally useful tricks that Windows 10 is able of that we competence not know about, yet should unequivocally know about.

1) Virtual desktops

Windows 10 finally ushered in practical desktops for a handling system, giving we apart spaces for arranging your module windows and work. If we click a Task View symbol (just to a right of a hunt box on a taskbar), we can move adult all your open windows, and your practical desktops underneath—click New desktop to emanate a new space.


The taskbar changes to uncover whichever apps we have open on that desktop, yet pinned app shortcuts (on a taskbar) stay a same opposite all desktops. If we need a approach to conduct apart areas for web browsing, and spreadsheet making, and picture editing, it’s ideal. Click a cranky idol subsequent to any practical desktop thumbnail in Task View to tighten it.

2) Video and media streaming

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You competence good use something like Plex to get videos and song from Windows to another device, like your big-screen TV, yet Microsoft’s OS comes with a possess built-in video and media streaming custom in a form of DLNA (after a Digital Living Network Alliance). All we need is a DLNA-compatible device to tide to, like an Xbox One S or a Roku.


To capacitate it, hunt for “media streaming” from a taskbar, click a choice that appears, afterwards name Turn on media streaming. We won’t do a full DLNA beam here (see here for Roku instructions), yet presumption your receiving device has been rightly configured, streaming over calm is as easy as right-clicking on a record and selecting Cast to Device.

3) Scheduling tasks

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Task Scheduler is a maestro Windows focus that’s been portion users given a days of Windows 95, approach before a likes of IFTTT seemed on a scene. As a name suggests, it lets we report tasks in Windows, possibly we wish to close down your appurtenance during a sold time of night, or get a complement upkeep app using on a unchanging schedule.

Type “task scheduler” into a hunt box to find a focus and move adult a interface: It competence seem a small daunting during first, yet you’ll shortly get a hang of it if we click around and examination with what’s on offer. Click Create Basic Task or Create Task to get started, and you’ll afterwards need to yield a trigger (a time) and a ensuing movement for any task.

4) Malware removal

Microsoft has flipped and flopped over including confidence module in Windows, yet for a moment, it’s in: If we don’t wish to compensate for antivirus insurance afterwards Windows Defender will do an adequate pursuit of gripping nasty malware divided from your system, yet we can positively get some-more extensive confidence cover by opting for a third-party alternative.


Another built-in Windows confidence apparatus we competence not know about is a Malicious Software Removal Tool, that runs silently in a credentials to make certain zero takes base on your system. If you’ve configured Windows 10 to refurbish itself automatically (it’s now unequivocally tough not to do this), afterwards you’ll automatically have a latest chronicle of a MSRT too.

5) Reclaim mislaid hoop space

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Disk Clean-up is another old-school Windows focus that’s still going strong, and we can launch it by typing a name into a taskbar hunt box and picking a initial result. It tackles that many long-lived of problems, Windows bloat, by detecting and erasing all those surplus files holding adult room on your complement that we don’t unequivocally need to keep.


Click on any of a entries in a list to see a outline of what a files are and how many room we can retrieve on your tough expostulate by removing absolved of them (files in a Recycle Bin will be one of a options listed). Put ticks in a boxes subsequent to a record forms we know we can live without, afterwards name Clean adult complement files to put a inform into action.

6) Remote assistance

If a crony or family member is struggling with a mechanism problem afterwards we competence be tempted to strech for something like Skype or TeamViewer, yet Windows indeed lets we run managed remote assistance sessions though any additional software. Type “remote assistance” into a hunt box on a taskbar, afterwards collect a tip choice to get started.


The opening dash shade lets we name possibly we wish to get assistance or give help—you’ll afterwards be guided by a routine of possibly promulgation or usurpation an invitation. You get full control over a other person’s computer, including a rodent and keyboard. If both of we are on Windows 10, find a Quick Assist focus instead.

7) Share files around a house

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If your family has papers to work on together, or song to share, or home cinema that everybody needs entrance to, afterwards these files can be common with everybody unequivocally simply, with no need to disaster around with pity links or email attachments or anything else (they will need Windows). As an combined bonus, we can share entrance to a printer around a whole domicile as well.


To get started, go to Network Internet from Settings and click on HomeGroup—if a use isn’t already set up, click on Create a homegroup and follow a instructions. Windows will ask we that forms of files and inclination we wish to share around a internal network, before displaying a cue that other people will need to join a homegroup.

8) Check for blank files and hoop errors

To a authority prompt! A integrate of long-standing content commands can be useful here in troubleshooting and regulating issues with your computer: Firstly, launch a authority prompt by typing “cmd” into a taskbar hunt box, right-clicking on a Command Prompt link, and selecting Run as administrator from a pop-up menu that appears.


Enter “sfc /scannow” to run a System File Checker, that scours a tough expostulate for any blank Windows files that a OS relies on to work properly, and replaces any that need replacing (see here for more). You can also try “chkdsk /f” to check a internal tough expostulate for problems, regulating those errors if probable along a approach (more information accessible here).

9) Print to PDF

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Don’t theme friends and family to badly formatted, exclusive record forms that demeanour opposite on each system—send them a good purify PDF instead. That’s going to keep a coming opposite all devices. Thankfully, Windows 10 adds local support for PDF exports, so we don’t need to implement any other third-party collection to get a pursuit done.


The Print to PDF choice appears in your list of printers in whatever module you’re perplexing to outlay a record from, so conduct to that program’s imitation option, wherever it is, and name a Microsoft Print to PDF entrance from a printer list. You don’t unequivocally get many in a approach of trade options, yet we can name a outlay request distance around Printer Properties.

10) Record shade activity

We’ve flagged this one adult before, yet it’s value repeating: If you’ve ever got any kind of shade recording to do, afterwards Windows 10 comes with a built-in app for a job. Called Game DVR—it’s designed to record in-game footage for pity online, yet we can simply adjust it to record tutorials or tips or whatever else in many of a apps on Windows 10.


First open a focus we wish to do some recording from, afterwards If we strike a Win+G keyboard shortcut, a console opens up—you competence have to parasite a box confirming that you’re using a game, even if we aren’t. You can use a check box during a bottom to spin audio recording on or off, afterwards click on a large red record symbol to start recording footage.

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