Izzy Wheels turns your wheelchair into a conform statement

‘If we can’t mount up, mount out!’. As startup taglines go, a 7 difference selected by Izzy Wheels lift a lot some-more definition than most. The Irish company, founded by siblings Ailbhe and Isabel Keane, sells a operation of wheelchair spoke guards combined by eccentric designers and illustrators that spin a wheelchair into a conform statement. Or, improved still, a form of self-expression.

For those of us who use a wheelchair, and either we like it not, it is a partial of who we are: visually, many and psychologically. At a core, it is a source of liberation. And nonetheless a wheelchair is frequency seen as a pitch of independence.

Because of a emotions it elicits in others, and a approach they are marketed as medical devices, a wheelchair mostly carries utterly disastrous connotations, which, when we postponement to consider about it — as this story has forced me to do — creates positively no clarity during all. Izzy Wheels is unapologetically severe this.

“Izzy Wheels are so critical to me since they pull such certain courtesy to myself and my wheelchair,” says Isabel Keane, Izzy Wheels’ Brand Ambassador. “I am no longer seen as ‘the bad hapless lady in a wheelchair’ by passers-by. we am now seen as a stylish chairman with cold wheels. They unequivocally simulate a attribute we have with my wheelchair… Wheelchairs help, they do not impede a chairman and now they do not impede a person’s conform choices”.

The idea that a wheelchair could be a “fashion choice” (or, perhaps, even that a chairman who uses a wheelchair can be stylish in a initial place) is a lovely conflict on required thinking, though there’s a smartly seized business event too.

A series of normal wheelchair companies already sell charming wheelchair spoke guards. However, these tend to be targeted during tiny children, prohibitively costly and are not designed to be interchangeable. In contrast, Izzy Wheels spoke guards start from €99 and are trustworthy by velcro straps so that they can be substituted out as and when your outfit demands. It’s as distant private from a medical device as can be.

“The problem is wheelchairs have looked a same for 100 years,” Izzy Wheels owner and Creative Director Ailbhe Keane tells me. “People have disastrous connotations with wheelchairs and associate them with ill or aged people. A wheelchair can cost adult to €10,000 and nothing of this goes towards a coming of your chair. We wish to give one of a world’s many underserved village of people a leisure to demonstrate themselves… Self countenance is a right”.

The association launched final Sep and has already sole “hundreds” of Izzy Wheels worldwide. Next adult it skeleton to supplement personalization options to a operation of spoke guards, desirous by products such as NikeID.

“Since launching, we realised a direct for personalization,” says a startup’s Creative Director. “We are now operative on a digital height for Izzy Wheels called ‘Be-spoked’. This height will give users a ability to build their possess designs from a far-reaching operation of prints, colours, content and elements. We wish to launch this height in a subsequent few months”.

Meanwhile, Izzy Wheels has taken really small funding. It is now on Enterprise Ireland’s New Frontiers Entrepreneur Development Program where it perceived €15,000 in backing, along with workspace and business mentoring. After winning The Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow Award, a startup will join a NDRC launchpad module after this year.

And if we weren’t assured of a business case, I’m told there are 10 million wheelchair users opposite Europe and a U.S., with 2 million new wheelchairs released every singular year. We were betrothed drifting cars, but, in a meantime, let’s give wheelchair users some decent conform choices.

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