Astronauts theatre second spacewalk in 5 days

Five days after work to reinstate a fastener wise on one finish of a space station’s drudge arm, commander Randy Bresnik and moody operative Mark Vande Hei ventured behind outward a lab formidable Tuesday to continue servicing a arm, to reinstate a degraded camera and to lift out slight maintenance.

Floating in a Quest airlock, they switched their suits to battery power to strictly start a excursion. This is a 204th spacewalk clinging to hire public and upkeep given construction began in 1998, a ninth so distant this year, a fourth for Bresnik and a second for Vande Hei.

Last Thursday, a spacewalkers transposed a fastener wise on one finish of a Canadarm 2 space crane. Today, Vande Hei skeleton to oil a inner resource of a deputy fitting. The astronauts also will reinstate a degraded camera organisation and re-orient a gangling ammonia coolant complement public so it can be vented before to relocation later.

Toward a finish of a spacewalk, Bresnik will reinstate a camera lens cover and mislay dual handrails from a Tranquility procedure to make approach for destiny designation of additional wireless antennas.

For identification, Bresnik, call pointer EV-1, is wearing a fit with red stripes and regulating helmet camera No. 18 while Vande Hei, EV-2, is regulating an unmarked fit versed with helmetcam 20.

Servicing a station’s aging drudge arm, or space hire remote pimp complement — SSRMS — is is a vicious priority given a space crane’s executive purpose in lab operations, relocating astronauts and apparatus to several work sites around a outpost and capturing visiting load ships.

Both ends of a seven-joint arm are propitious with latching finish effectors, or LEEs, to fastener components, visiting vehicles, spacewalker feet restraints and a hire itself. It can pierce inchworm conform from one anchor indicate to another and float a mobile transporter to strech several worksites along a lab’s energy truss.

Bresnik and Vande Hei transposed a LEE-B resource final Thursday while LEE-A will be transposed during a spacewalk early subsequent year.

“Our primary design is to make certain we get a SSRMS recovered and entirely functional, ” pronounced Kenny Todd, space hire operations formation manager. “The SSRMS played a vicious purpose in a public of station, though it’s personification only as vicious a purpose currently in a altogether execution of a procedure when it coms to science, when it comes to inspections, when it comes to putting visiting vehicles on station.

“It’s only an comprehensive vicious item that a Canadian partners have contributed. We’re really vehement about removing out and removing it entirely recovered and functional.”

After floating out of a Quest airlock, Bresnik designed to reconfigure a fasten on a circuitously high-pressure oxygen tank and afterwards pierce to a left side of a Destiny lab procedure to stagger a gangling coolant public to assent venting later. Vande Hei, meanwhile, will make his approach to a drudge arm transporter to collect a feet patience and implement it on one finish of a SSRMS.

After assisting Bresnik with a upsurge control assembly, Vande Hei designed to close his boots to a finish of a drudge arm, operative with Bresnik to reinstate a degraded camera group. Vande Hei afterwards will get off a arm and set adult to oil a inner resource in a newly commissioned LEE-B fastener resource while Bresnik works on a accumulation of other comparatively teenager tasks.

If all goes well, Bresnik and Joe Acaba will lift out another spacewalk Oct. 18 to finish a arm lubrication work, to implement another organisation of cameras and to lift out additional slight maintenance.

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