Scotland’s Oldest Snow Patch May Not See Another Sunrise


(Credit: Iain Cameron)

Resting underneath a 1,000-foot cliffs of Scotland’s Aonach’s Beag towering range, The Sphinx –one of a country’s proudest snowcaps—is on a deathbed.

“It’s a really contemptible sight,” says Iain Cameron, a heading sleet consultant and arguably one of Edinburgh’s many dedicated “snow patchers,” a organisation of people who find out and lane a changes in a island’s coldest landmarks. These rags “tend to lay in a small gullies and corries next a peaks,” Cameron told Atlas Obscura. The Sphinx, that dwells between a aloft points of a Garbh Choire Mor in a Cairngorms, is not usually Scotland’s oldest sleet patch, though is typically a many vigorous.

The island’s hilly and energetic slopes offer a place for sleet rags to snuggle via a warmer open months. Some, like The Sphinx, have even been famous to continue until a finish of summer. On average, there are scarcely 100 rags left come September. These numbers, sadly, have plummeted in new years, and continue to do so during a chilling rate.


In 2016 there were approximately 82 rags remaining by a finish of summer. This year, usually two remain.

Cameron, who has been dutifully tracking a Sphinx’s final hours, is gripping burial over a once unapproachable patch, that could already be left by a time of this writing. Should Cameron’s predictions reason true, this will be a initial time in over 11 years that Ben Nevis, Scotland’s top towering range, is totally snowless.

As unhappy as it is to see these sleet pockets encircling a drain, their passing has led to an augmenting turn of recognition per these pointed though manly changes in climate. Cameron explained to The Guardian that, “a crowd of people are now wakeful of what we do.” His unrestrained has also desirous a organisation of volunteers to control annual surveys, that have been providing a systematic village with profitable information given 2008.

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