Love Monarchs? Participate in a Monarch Monitoring Blitz This Week!

By Cora Lund Preston, Communication Specialist for Monarch Joint Venture

The Monarch Monitoring Blitz has begun! Grab your hats, sunscreen and clipboards and join associate citizen scientists for some uninformed atmosphere and an general sovereign monitoring shell from July 29-August 5th! With adequate reports, your information will produce a image that helps scientists know a operation and race distance of late summer tact monarchs opposite North America.

If you’re already informed with a sovereign monitoring blitz, assistance us partisan some-more citizen scientists by swelling a word on Facebook, Twitter or by promulgation an email!

Citizen scientists guard milkweed for monarchs. Credit: Caldwell

Citizen scientists guard milkweed for monarchs. Credit: Caldwell

Why a sovereign monitoring blitz?

Citizen scholarship programs help us know how sovereign populations change by time.  Unfortunately, information from overwintering sovereign colonies prove that both eastern and western monarch populations have declined by ~70% over a final 20 years.  These overwintering information produce information about survivors of any year’s emigration to Mexico or California.  However, since monarchs are widespread via North America, it is formidable to accurately constraint a distance of a tact race (before they migrate). We’re partnering opposite Canada, a US and Mexico to rivet citizen scientists in entertainment information about sovereign late summer tact for one week (July 29th – Aug 5th). By crowdsourcing information from opposite a whole operation during one tiny time window, citizen scientists from all 3 countries will assistance constraint a image of sovereign tact activity before to rise migration. We inspire we to news your observations wherever we are (where there is milkweed); no matter where we news from, your information will be useful in documenting late summer tact activity via a sovereign range! Remember to also news your tumble roving adult sightings to Journey North!

How to attend in a sovereign monitoring blitz?

Participating in a sovereign monitoring shell is easy!  Visit sovereign medium that contains milkweed between Jul 29th and Aug 5th, check for sovereign eggs, caterpillars, and chrysalises, and news your observations! Eggs and caterpillars can be found on milkweed plants, though chrysalises are frequency celebrated on milkweed plants.  Eggs, caterpillars and chrysalises are justification that monarchs are reproducing.  Here is where we should report:

USA: Monarch Larva Monitoring Project (MLMP)

Canada: Mission Monarch

Mexico: Naturalista

Interested in removing some-more concerned in citizen science? We inspire we to try additional citizen scholarship programs, and news anytime we see monarchs!

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