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Brexit’s new frontier

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You described vividly a hurdles that a trade of people and products would face if a tough limit were to be determined between a Irish Republic and Northern Ireland as a outcome of a United Kingdom withdrawal a European Union (“The limit that isn’t—yet”, Jul 15th). Yet this does not need to be so.

Article 24 of a General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, that lays down a manners to be reputable by member countries when they settle etiquette unions or free-trade areas in sequence that other countries are not discriminated against, contains a little-used sustenance on “frontier traffic”. It allows members of a World Trade Organisation to deviating from these constraints in honour of “advantages accorded to adjacent countries in sequence to promote limit traffic”. There is no clarification of limit traffic, so an grant from etiquette regulations and duties for a intra-Ireland transformation of products could be covered. This would be a good basement for avoiding a tough border, nonetheless checks would be required during a harbours in sequence to stop products from a other partial of a island being serve exported to a rest of a UK or a EU respectively.

One can demeanour to a broader precedent. Goods imagining from northern Cyprus can enter and openly disseminate in a whole EU as Cypriot goods.

Former member of a appellate physique of a WTO

When we gawk out from a stairs of Derry’s Guildhall, a euro section is not some-more than 5 miles divided (Belfast is 60 miles away, London roughly 400). In a emanate of a Brexit startle a Derry and Strabane Council and Donegal County Council consecrated a investigate that constructed dual categorical proposals: a cross-border free-trade section fasten Derry in Northern Ireland with Letterkenny in a Irish Republic and bespoke transport arrangements homogeneous to a Nordic Passport Union or internal limit trade zones, identical to a Poland-Russia border. Both are glorious proposals that could simply be authorized if governments so wish.


Your investigate of a EU’s Common Fisheries Policy was surprisingly extraneous (“Have your fishcake and eat it”, Jul 8th). Britain’s emanate is not a “silly squabble about seafood”. The executive problem with a CFP is that 60% of a seafood apparatus in a waters, some of a best fishing drift in a world, is henceforth allocated to others.

Almost laughably, we are competing in a singular marketplace with what should be a possess fish. We indeed have a dangerous over-dependence on a European market. In a globalised star of seafood there is a intensity marketplace of 7.5bn people and some-more than 160 other countries. Moreover, a EU countries will still wish to trade to us, creation punitive tariffs practical by Europe self-defeating.

The lights have left out in so many coastal communities. At last, on Brexit we can redeem what a star regards as normal profitable government of a renewable healthy resource. Norway does it, Iceland does it, so does New Zealand, and so on. Why would we opt to continue giving divided this apparatus rather than try to enhance and rise a attention and move in jobs and income?

Chief executive
Scottish Fishermen’s Federation

What’s salsa for a goose…

Let me see if we know your position correctly. You contend that an try by a youth Democratic workman to get mud on Paul Manafort, a Republican operative, from a Ukrainians “does not compare” with Donald Trump youth perplexing to get a mud on Hillary Clinton from a Russians, since “Ukraine is not a antagonistic power” (“He loves it”, Jul 15th). So basically, it is ideally excellent for a debate to prepare on defeating a opponents with a unfamiliar nation as prolonged as a nation is an fan of America and does not restrain a people.

I can’t wait to be bombarded by feign news and hacked e-mails from a French and German governments in 2020.

Madison, Wisconsin

Speaking in edtech

The many critical cause to bear in mind about a new tide of preparation record (“Brain gains”, Jul 22nd) is to yield it in languages that pupils understand. For example, Vanuatu and a Solomon Islands have 200 languages between them, many of them fragmented serve into dialects. The local denunciation of children can differ from propagandize to school. For bland communication, countries like this use a lingua franca, mostly subsequent from pidgin English, though influence opposite non-traditional languages, and a fear that they will criticise normal ones, inhibits their use in a classroom.

Education systems therefore tumble behind on a rote-learning of unfamiliar languages such as English. Teachers themselves are mostly usually frequency proficient in these, so it is frequency startling that pupils emerge from primary propagandize incompetent to review in them. Education technologies with multilingual capabilities could yield a resources indispensable to get divided from this miserable process of schooling.

Pentecost Island, Vanuatu

We contingency mislay carbon

Renewable appetite is a essential step towards fighting meridian change (“A immature red herring”, Jul 15th). However, as we indicate out, it contingency not confuse from balancing a world’s CO budget. Renewable appetite is flourishing rapidly, though expelling a initial 20% of hoary fuels will be a lot easier than a last. Nearly all a scenarios supposing by a Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that would stop meridian change are formed on stealing CO from a atmosphere, that can't come from renewable appetite alone. Focusing too most on renewables prevents a growth of environmentally excusable and affordable disastrous emissions.

Director, Centre for Negative Carbon Emissions
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona

Human cloning
* Your World If essay about tellurian cloning succeeds superbly in succinctly recapping pivotal developments in a scholarship of cloning and regeneration, and in expecting serve advances (“Chips off a aged block”, Jul 15th). This enchanting nonetheless pointed account extrapolates practically from a stream star of socio-cultural, political, religious, reliable and authorised attitudes, trends and tendencies towards IVF and termination to plan a not doubtful spectrum that tellurian reproductive cloning eventually refracts. 

And yet, with a difference of children recognised and pre-conceived to be replacements for a passed sibling, a viewpoint of a tellurian counterpart is perceptibly considered. This need not be a case, as a series of situations, applicable by analogy to reproductive cloning now exist, and on that psychological theory, research, and clinical knowledge can belligerent reasonable conjecture. By creation use of such analogues, including a Replacement Child, Parent-Child Resemblance, The Child of a Famous, and a Namesake, we resolved that scenarios in that one primogenitor contributes exclusively to a child clone’s chief DNA are expected to be psychologically fraught.

Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania

A practical success

“Get real” (July 8th) discussed a dull uptake of virtual-reality headsets, though ignored a one area of a party attention that has employed it with outcome so far: pornography. In fact, a racy attention has mostly been a technological harbinger. It was one of a initial to put some-more modernized facilities on a DVD and is a colonize in streaming videos online. Perhaps there is staying energy in VR record yet.

Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

Side order

I enjoyed a “meaty logic” to your Big Mac index (“Meat reversion”, Jul 15th). we review it with relish.

West Lebanon, New Hampshire

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