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30,000 B.C. Early Europeans might have forged images of auroras into stone art panels.

~A.D. 1000 The Sami, winding Scandinavian reindeer herders who live north of a Arctic Circle, trust auroras were spirits of a dead. The lights are still distinguished in a form of singing called a yoik.

1619 Galileo coins a tenure aurora borealis after a Roman enchantress of dawn, Aurora, and a Greek “northern winds.”

1859 The Carrington Event’s energy still frightens scientists today. Fortunately, ice core annals uncover events like that frequency strike Earth.

1882-83 Danish astrophysicist Sophus Tromholt helps settle a northern lights look-out in Norway to establish halo altitudes and shows that auroras are some-more expected to occur during a rise of a sun’s 11-year cycle of solar activity.

1892 German astronomer Martin Brendel takes a initial halo design — a hairy picture prisoner in northern Norway.

1909 Kristian Birkeland, a Norwegian physicist, proves that a sun’s charged particles emanate auroras when they strike a captivating field. He put a magnetized globe — a lab “Earth” — in a box and pummeled it with electrons. The globe glowed nearby a poles.

1910 Another Norwegian physicist, Carl Størmer, starts photographing auroras, mostly concurrently imaging a same formations from opposite directions. Over a subsequent 4 decades he’ll take 100,000 shots, mapping a figure of auroras and last a standard altitude of 50 to 100 miles.

1958 America’s initial satellite, Explorer I, discovers a Van Allen Belts, bands of charged particles surrounding Earth innate from a solar wind.

1989 A solar tear hits Earth on Mar 12, promulgation northern lights as distant south as Cuba. A energy disaster affects Quebec for 12 hours.

2012 A coronal mass ejection on standard with a Carrington Event blasts off a object and narrowly misses Earth.

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